spencertd2014uw.jpgTucson, AZ – Chad Smith is a winner.  Plain and simple.  He is not going to break records, he’s not going to win awards, just football games.  This Saturday against the Washington Huskies, Chad kept that Wildcat offense moving, and the defense off the field.

Chad was a rather unimpressive 5/9 for 164 yards with 2 touchdowns and an interception.  He also picked up 39 yards on the ground.

“It’s our defense,” said Chad after the game. “Well, that and J-Weave.  I’m not kidding, I seriously think we could have Ron Powlus throw for 300 yards if Jason was on the field.  And I’m not talking about Ron Powlus at Notre Dame, I’m talking about Ron Powlus, right now, in 2014.  He’s that good.”

Jason Weaver continues his run for a second Heisman by hauling in three passes for 141 yards and two touchdowns.weaveruw2014.jpg

“Throw me the ball,” said Weaver after the game.  “I want the gold! Give me the gold”

But the surprising star of the game was Nick Spencer who ran the ball 18 times for 125 yards and a touchdown.

“I knew this would happen,” said Spencer after the game.  “Dad sent me to all these rich ass camps over the summer and I trained like a monster.  I wasn’t get let Brian [Haynes] take my job.  And if Andrew [Schlicher] was running, well, that would just be a disgrace.”

Schlicher did nothing to dispell that statement as he fumbled twice, which is amazing considering he had four carries.

Defensively, Patrick Rodriguez and Kevin Bonds were pissed off at life.  Rodriguez had six tackles, including 3 TFL, and Bonds had 5 tackles including 2 TFL.

The Wildcats remain #6 in the Polls.