paulmartinucla2014.jpgPasadena, CA – Growing up in Altadena, CA, Paul Martin is considered to be a  native son of Pasadena.  He grew up among the tall trees, riding his bicycle into old town to meet friends, and eating at Pie-N-Burger.   On Saturday, he came back in a big way.  He had four tackles, an interception, and a touchdown and was named player of the game.

“Oh man it was good to come home,” said Martin.  “I ate a cheeseburger this morning at Pie-N-Burger, then came to play.  I remember coming here as a kid to boo UCLA, it was awesome.  And if I could, I’d like to say scoreboard to a bunch of the kids I grew up with, especially: Hector Sanchez, Jerry Stein, Jonathan Simmons, and Saul Freeman.  Eat it jerks, Arizona is #1, not UCLA, and not those dumb colleges out east that you losers went to.”

The rest of the game featured, a ROCK solid Arizona defense that allowed UCLA an impressive drive to start the game, but then never let them near the endzone again.  chaducla2014.jpgDefensive Takcle Drew Green went nuts and had seven tackles and two sacks.

Offensively, the Arizona Wildcats continued to be buoyed by Chad Smith, who has really matured as a quarterback.  Rather than try to make big plays like he has done in some occassions, he has learned to the throw the ball away, to take the sack, and make the play.  Chad ended the UCLA game 9/12 for 225 yards and a touchdown.  He also picked one up on the ground with 38 yards rushing.

The rest of the rushing attack did not fare so well.  Nick Spencer had 2 TDs, but only 60 yards on 18 carries.  Coming in on spot duty was Brian Haynes who looked like he’s going to be a big time player next year, as he grabbed 30 yards on 5 carries and looked very solid.  Jason Weaver, a star as always, four catches, 127 yards, and a touchdown as he continues to be a front runner for the Heisman.  In spite of the fact that Chad is the heart and soul of this team, not Jason.