Palo Alto, CA – Maurice Hurst welcomed his old teammates to Palo Alto by kindly making a single catch, and getting straight up rocked by Antonio Fowler as the Wildcats earned a hard fought 23-7 victory.

“I hate Maurice,” said Fowler after the game. “How are you gonna leave Tucson for this place? The ho quality is medium to poor, and I rate that as unsatisfactory. Besides, Maurice ain’t even that smart, now he thinks he’s better than us. If this was jail, I would stab him.”

The Arizona Wildcats continue to win in a way that no one ever would have expected: rushing the ball and playing incredible defense. The Arizona Wildcats? Still?hurststanford2014.jpg

Chad Smith is technically listed as the QB, but this year he should be listed as “winner,” as he continues to just win games without flash or record breaking stats. Against stanford he was 8/11 for 180 yards with 2 TDs and no interceptions…again. Last year, those numbers would have been a sub par HALF for Dane Wright, but it’s become standard for Chad Smith. Who refuses to make a bad play. Although he did force on bad throw to Jason Weaver that was batted down and not intercepted.

On the ground, Nick Spencer continues to a mildly productive work horse as he had 19 carries for 73 yards and a touchdown. But Brian Haynes is getting Wildcat nation excited for next year as he had 28 yards on four carries.

Jason Weaver dipped in the Heisman race as he only had 3 catches for 101 yards and a TD.

“Man, I know I could have doubled it against these bitch DBs,” said Weaver after the game. “I really wanted to make Maurice look like a punk ass bitch.”

Defensively, Arizona put an insane amount of pressure on the Stanford QBs, as Patrick Rodriguez had four tackles, 2 TFLs and 2 sacks. Interestingly enough Travis Bailey had another multiple sack game.

Michael Rushing was 3/3 with a 51 yard FG.weaver2014stanford.jpg

The Wildcats remain #6 in all polls and the BCS. But as the season reaches the halfway point, it is not impossible to think they could make their way up to the National Championship game.