weaver2014wsu.jpgPullman, WA – Chad Smith only got to play a single half…again. The Wildcats played in their first ever snow game in Pullman, but it didn’t phase their superstar WR Jason Weaver.

“Man, I’m from Tampa,” said Weaver. “This is literally the first time I’ve seen snow, and what’ the big deal? I run this. I grabbed some, put some grape syrup on it, got me a snow cone. But please, I live to play in the snow. Green Bay Packers, Buffalo Bills, Chicago Bears, you hear that? I LIVE FOR IT.”

Weaver certainly lived for it against WSU as he had 7 catches for 233 yards and four touchdowns, and has vaulted back into the Heisman race.

Chad had another great game going 9/12 for 209 yards and four 4 TDs. He also ran five times for 30 yards and two more touchdowns.

“They really aren’t a good team,” said Smith. “They’re young, give them some time, they’ll get better.”

In spite of the cold, only one player wore sleeves: Jeremy Doucette, who had three catches and a touchdown.hortontd2014wsu.jpg

“I think the only reason I scored was because of the douchewraps,” said Doucette. “They kept me warm, focused, and ready to play. They are still seeking a distributor, but this is going to be the next big thing, I swear!”

Bryson Horton also had a huge game with an interception returned for a touchdown and a fumble recovery.

Up next for the ‘Cats, undefeated and #12 ranked Cal Golden Bears.