Joe Fulton
#2 WR
San Dimas, CA
6’2″ 178 lbs
40: 4.33
Field AWR: C+
Vert: 42.5″
Hands: A+
Bench: 215
Squat: 350
Potential: AVG
Dis: Poor (does not believe in rules, authority, and any law that is not rooted in nature or buddhist culture)

Joe “Bong Bong” Fulton is a rock and roller.  He comes from San Dimas, land of Bill and Ted and Raging Waters/Waterloo.  Joe was heavily influenced by the Wyld Stallions and continues to rock in the most classic of styles.  He wears those poncho shirts from Point Break, plays acoustic guitar, and smokes enormous amounts of weed.  He has also read One (1) Jack Kerouac Novel “On the Road,” One half (1/2) of Siddhartha by Herman Heese, and a coffee table book on Buddhism.  He considers himself enlightened and references one of these three books in every conversation he has with girls.  It has been successful, although some suggest that his success with the ladies might come from: 1) his Football abilities, 2) his Band “Sweetwater Residue” winning a San Dimas battle of the bands, 3) his work as an Abercrombie Model.  He also credits his sweet hands from playing guitar and his speed from playing hackey sack.  And yes “San Dimas High School  Football Rules!”