hurst2014int.jpgTucson, AZ – The Arizona Wildcats gave a big middle finger to the state of California this year – USC, UCLA, and now undefeated and #12 ranked Cal Golden Bears fell to the Wildcats.

Chad Smith, looked pretty solid in the first quarter but as the ‘Cats fell behind he started looking like a rookie quarterback, throwing two picks that were absolutely terrible.

“This game is what teamwork is about,” said Smith after the game. “This game was won by Devin, Michael, Patrick, the fans, the students, the o line, Brian, Nick, we won as a team. No one superstar, well, no superstars not named Jason.”

However, there was a superstar on defense. Devin Hurst had not one, not two, but THREE interceptions including one brought back for a touchdown. Simply put, he played the game of his life.hursttd20142.jpg

“I want to thank god,” said Hurst after the game. “Do I have to say anything else? I have to get to the bar, the hoes are finally gonna be all over me, Jason won’t get em all tonight!”

The game showed real teammwork as everyone worked together in the fourt quarter to erase a seven point defict to score 17 points and ice the game.

But many say that the victory came because of the return of Patrick Rodriguez in the 2nd half.  He came back with fire, energy, and while he didn’t make a lot of tackles, he got that defense fired up.

Though the ‘Cats beat the #12 team in the nation, somehow they dropped from #6 to #7 in the Polls and a number of one loss teams passed them. With Wisconsin playing lowly Minnesota, and Ohio State playing a weak Michigan team, it doesn’t look likely that the ‘Cats will gain any ground on the #1 and #2 slots.