New York, New York – The NFL Draft featured a number of Wildcats getting selected.  Although some much later than expected.  Nick Spencer was projected as a top five pick, but after some tumultous off field actions in New York – most notably getting into a fight with Mitch “Blood” Green outside of a Brooklyn After Hours bar.

jonesnfl.jpgDwayne Jones
1/17 – NE Patriots
84 OVR – 5 Years/42.1M

Dwayne Jones: “I could not be happier to be playing in New England with my boy Darryl [Steltz] and Tom Brady.  I can’t believe that a great attitude and sick combine can get you this far!”

douchenfl.jpgThe Douche!
1/21 – Minnesota Vikings
Douche – 5 Yeras, – 85 OVR – $25.3M 5 Years!

Jeremy Doucette: “The god damn NFL says I can’t wear Douchewraps indoors, or in warm weather games.  Only cold.  I want to tear this fucking dome down with my bare hands.  On the plus side, the $25m has let me distribute Douchewraps independently, and I’ve got a few Wildcats lined up for next year.  Oh yeah, I’m fine from the Rose Bowl beating.”

Jason Weaver
2/44 – New Orleans – 4 WRs taken ahead of him
82 – OVR – $18.1M Contract, 3 yeras

Jason Weaver: “FOUR RECIEVERS TAKEN AHEAD OF ME?  THE SECOND ROUND? THE SECOND ROUND?  They will pay, they will pay.  This is some old bullshit.”

Nick Spencer
2/45 – Houston Texans
86 OVR – $20.4M/3 Yrs
Nick Spencer: “What do I need this money for?

Drew Green
3/66 – Philadelphia Eagles

Michael Rushing
3/79 – Tennessee Titans

Andre Cummings
3/91 – Atlanta Falcons

James Robinson
6/172 – New Orleans Saints

Jacob Burton
6/175 Tennessee Titans

Travis Bailey
6/184 – Carolina Panthers

chadnfleagles2013.jpgChad Smith – Undrafted – Signed by Eagles as a FA – 75 OVR

Free Agent – Signed by the Eagles
2 million/2 Years

John Lewis showed up, covered in soot.  He went undrafted, again.