Arizona Offensive Preview

Tucson, AZ – The Wildcats are heading into the 2015 schedule with an absolutely brutal non-conference schedule and a 28 game Pac Ten winning streak.  Offensively the team will be very different from previous seasons, and it has yet to be seen what kind of success it will bring.

Quarterback – Casey Cook (Jr) the troubled, yet talented quarterback (only 99 OVR QB in the NCAA) will be the starter, though Redshirt Freshman Brent Robinson (#16) has looked outstanding in practice.  The two are very different, as Cook has more speed and is willing to scramble.  Think Dane Wright as a Junior, but it has yet to be seen if rehab has matured him enough to turn into Dane Wright as a senior.  Robinson is your prototype white quarterback, slow, rocket arm, and a sweet touch with the ball.  There is a good chance that Coach Stoops will have Robinson run a few plays out of the Pro Set in every game.


Running Back

The focal point of the offense will be the ground game – a shocking development to many boosters.  #36 Brian Haynes, Burbank’s chosen son will be the starter, and will be spelled by the 90 OVR Andrew Schlicher.  Haynes has shown his durability and toughness in the past few seasons and has looked great in practice.  Schilcher has been compared to Wendel Clark as a guy who goes 110% on one play, then hurts himself on the next, or fumbles.  He’s your ultimate 2nd down back who can catch sleeping defense.  At FB – Lamont Meyers has proven himself a steady blocker and a great recieving Fullback and will get a lot of swing passes this year.


WR – Without Jason Weaver, the WR corps this year is looking for the next superstar to step up.  While Mike McIntosh has been nothing but solid, he has Greg Brock written all over him and cannot step the game up to the next level.  Marcus Holbert has been outstanding in practice and could be the next Dwayne Jones, but whether or not he can be the next great Wildcat WR remains to be seen.  The buzz around camp is that Ryan Parrish (freshman, #89) is next in line, and could be an absolute superstar by the time he’s a junior and getting the ball consistently from Robinson.  But the WRs are fast this year, and #30 Andy Jackson is a deep threat with his 4.16 speed.



Such strength – so deep with JR Haynes making a case for All American Status.


As always, the Wildcats are insanely deep at OL.  4/5 Starters are over 90 (Jeremy Brown being 88), with Ben Miles pulling in 99 rating.  But the real star is sopmore Josh Diles who is already 93 OVR.  This will possibly be the most talented O-line in Arizona history, with even more superstars waiting for their chance to start.