Los Angeles, CA – Sometimes you realize that a tide has turned in your life. For some it’s turning 30, for others it’s hitting rock bottom. For me, it happend today when I realized something very important.

Today is Superbowl Sunday, a huge day in sports, and for a time in my life, the biggest sports day of the year not involving a Toronto team. But if someone were to ask me what the biggest news of the day was, I would not say the Superbowl. Even though I lived in Indiana, even though I caught Colts fever, even though Lil’ Ronnie represents so hard it hurts. No, it’s not the most important news of the day. The biggest news today, by far, has been the return of Seth Sanchez to the Alabama Crimson Tide.

And there it is. My life of sports priorities is now as follows:

#1 The Treble Dynasties
#2 College Football
#3 The NFL