hurst2015wsustar.jpgTucson, AZ – After charting the Wildcats recruiting class and starters it’s clear that the Pacific Northwest has not been kind to the Wildcat in terms of talent. It certainly isn’t because Arizona keeps losing up there, you’d think that kids from that area would flock to Arizona after watching the Wildcats consistently destroy teams from the region.

“If these are the teams produced by Pacific Northwest kids, we don’t want them,” said Patrick Rodriguez after the game. “I mean if we had a hackey sack or weed smoking team, maybe, but not for football.”

The ‘Cats held a team under 100 total yards, AGAIN this time allowing only 97 yards including -26 rushing. Yes, MINUS 26 yards rushing.

Brian Haynes proved himself again as an absolute workhorse with 32 carries for 225 yards and two touchdowns. He’s incredible, durable, strong and tough.

“I want Bill Gates to offer to save a square mile of Redwood forest for every yard I rush against teams from Washington,” said Haynes. “I’ll run for 1000 against Washington.”holbertwsudiss.jpg

But the star of this game-and perhaps the game of his life-was Devin Hurst. He had a sack, an interception, two tackles, a punt return touchdown, and a kick return touchdown.

“I dedicate my game to Jason Weaver,” said Hurst after the game. “He’s the man, and I miss him. He always loved embarassing Washington State.”