caseyhaynes2015usc.jpgLos Angeles, CA – The Arizona Wildcats extended their Pac Ten winning streak to 30 games with a decisive victory over bitter rival USC. The Trojans were ranked #5 heading into the game, while the one loss Wildcats came in at #10.

As always, the Arizona defense played strong, forcing two fumbles and recovering both. Also of note, six different players recorded a sack of USC’s Heisman contender quarter Brandon Dunbar.

“He’s a bitch,” said a furious Patrick Rodriguez after the game. “I hate him, he can’t throw, he gets lucky with runs, and some very generous referee calls on 3rd down. I mean he completed seven passes on 3rd down, and like none on 1st and 2nd. He’s a jerk.”

But the man of the hour was Brian Haynes, who returned to Southern California to represent Burbank in this match up.

“I love coming home,” said Haynes. “I hate coming into Los Angeles, it reminds me of all the problems here. Burbank is so nice, it’s a real community, but down here, it’s just million dollar homes and ghettos. Also, look at this smog, I hate it. I took it all out on the Trojans.”

Haynes certainly did with 29 carries for 235 yards and a touchdown (recieving). He is not a Heisman contender, but is he a workhorse, continually pulling in 25+ carries in Arizona victories.hortonusc2015.jpg

But perhaps most shocking was the solid performance of Casey cook who went 7/10 for 128 yards with four touchdowns and only one interception. He also ran for 34 yards on the ground.

“This was my time to shine,” said Cook after the game. “My girl was in the crowd, and after rehab I have a lot of friends from LA, and they were here to support. It meant a lot, I think I’m finding out who I really am as a quarterback.”

It would appear that Cook is the first true option quarterback Arizona has had in a long time. His legs and option instincts are proven each week as he runs it to perfection. But when called on to pass, he makes some great moves in Play Action to find the open man like he did in this game with beautiful passes to JR Haynes and two touchdowns to Chad Horton.

“Two touchdowns at USC,” said Horton after the game. “Mark that down. And get ready for more.”

The Wildcats moved up to #5 in the BCS behind

  1. Miami
  2. Oklahoma
  3. Virginia Tech
  4. Texas A&M haynes.jpg