hurst2015stanford.jpgTucson, AZ – With Jason Weaver in the NFL and Marcus Holbert still developing, Maurice Hurst, the former Wildcat, showed his old team that he was truly the best reciever on the field.  He had five catches for 211 yards, and THREE touchdown receptions.

“Yeah he had a good game,” said 5th year senior and starting tackle Josh Diles.  “But he’s a nerd now, and they still got beat, so what?  Have you seen the girls at Stanford?  They are the type of girls who win beauty pageants for being “different,” and “original”.  What a jerk, Wildcats rule.”

It appeared that the Arizona defensive backs let Hurst run wild intentionally so that he could get one last taste of Arizona ladies.

“It was pretty nice of them,” said Hurst after the game. “I forgot how good looking these girls were.  I’m having the night of my life, who cares that we lost!”poststanfordwin2015.jpg

Although, Howard Coleman decided to intercept 2 passes just to let the crowd know that this defense was not weak.  For that he was named Pac-Ten defensive player of the week.

The game also featured Casey Cook really showing off his arm as he passed for 393 yards and five touchdowns.

“It was pretty good,” said Casey after the game.  “I can’t believe they let me throw that much, but I guess we were winning by a lot so there wasn’t any pressure.  I’m not good with pressure, especially when I’m, ah, not, uh, you know.”

Brian Haynes also rushed for 155 yards and two touchdowns.