myleswash2015.jpgSeattle, WA – Renowned Booster Myles V. was in attendance for the game, and the Wildcats did not let him down.  Well, they let him down because Jason Weaver wasn’t there, but their performance couldn’t have been better.

Everyone was shocked to Casey Cook string together his SECOND good game in a row – 9/11, 223 yards, and 3 TDs.  And amazingly, his top target was Brian Haynes who had 3 catches for 59 yards including one incredible catch downfield where he looked like a wideout.  Tight End J.R. Haynes (the self proclaimed “brother by another mother” of Brian) also caught a touchdown over two Husky defenders.

Defensively, Will Higgins lost his mind and had an interception, a forced fumble, and six tackles.

“I just hate it up here,” said Will Higgins.  “I was a really big Nirvana fan, then when I found out that Kurt killed himself it just crushed me.  He had already been dead for a bunch of years, but reading about it really affected me.  Then I watched that movie “Disclosure” with Demi Moore and it was set in Seattle and it pissed me off, the way she harrased Michael Douglas.  I got a lot of anger every time I come here.”

But most interseting was Brian Haynes who had 25 carries for 145 yards and two touchdowns.  Though most of them came in the second half, after Haynes was really shut down in the first.uw2015haynes.jpg

“I’ll be honest, I was tired,” said Haynes after the game.  “I spent most of yesterday hiking around the forest, and I met this beautiful girl named Rain Spirit who was living in this tree to stop developers from chopping it down.  So we talked, and made love in the night rain, it was beautiful.  and it made me realize that I’m not taking my commitment to the environment far enough.  So from now on, I will be known as “Redwood Haynes,” I am currently in the process of legally changing my name.  I plan to use my fame to bring attention to the growing problem of the deforestation of our great Redwoods.”

In mop up duty, Arizona’s less socially aware running back Andrew Schlicher got hurt and his sprained knee will keep him out of action for three weeks.

After the game some major upsets in college football (Virginia Tech over Miami, and Oklahoma Crushing Texas A&M) the Arizona Wildcats moved to #3 in the BCS behind Oklahoma and Fresno State.  Unfortunately with both teams looking at cupcake schedules, it seems unlikely that Arizona will sneak into the title game.  But upsets are always possible.

#1 Oklahoma (9-0)
#2 Fresno State (10-0)
#3 Arizona (7-1)
#4 OSU (8-1)
#5 Florida (9-0)
#12 Ark (9-0)
#19 UAB (9-0)
#24 ASU (8-0)

Haynes #7 for Maxwell
#6 for Doak Walker

Cooper #1 for Groza – bullshit