oregonstate2015.jpgCorvallis, OR – With the rain pouring down, the Arizona Wildcats poured it on as they crushed the Beavers 47-14.  But the game was not really about offense, but really about Arizona’s insane big play defense.

Casey Cook was 3/8 for 57 yards and 2 INTs, however, he did rush for 36 yards including ONE insane option that he ran in from 25 yards out.  He looked like a true option quarterback but not a real quaterback.

“Sometimes I feel like a black guy,” said Cook after the game.  “Everyone is talking about my athletic ability but they don’t trust me around serious passes, and really taking over the game.  It’s pretty lame.  Also, I’m on parole, so that doesn’t make things any better.”

Cook only played one quater until Brent Robinson came in and went 6/9 for 121 yards and 1 touchdown.  He is your Peyton Manning, the ultimate protoype.

On the ground, Redwood Haynes made his push to 2000 with 30 carries and 147 yards and two touchdowns.  He is now the #1 Contender for the Maxwell and the Doak Walker.

“I don’t care about awards, I want us in the national title,” said Haynes after the game.  “I want the biggest stage possible to talk about rain forest deforestation and sustainable development.  I can’t wait to play Arizona State.  I am going to crush them, Phoenix is the ultimate city of non-sustainability.  It’s the freaking desert and they have lawns and fountains like it’s Burbank.  It’s not Burbank! It’s Phoenix! Look at it from Google Maps, look how it stands out, how do you think you make it that way?  It’s unnatural.  I hate it so much.  It’s all gated community, SUV driving resource wasters.  No public transportation, lots of high ways, no culture, aaagh, gets me mad just thinking about it.”

On defense, Patrick Rodriguez and Kevin Bonds both had sacks, while Robbie Mooney had one insane hit (pictured) on Oregon State’s quarterback.

Also in a very strange coincidence three Arizona Safeties (Harrison, Coleman, and McCray) had interceptions.  Clearly, does Oregon State’s QB have a problem throwing over the the middle?

Arizona State lost to USC and is now rnked #22 and 10-1 on the season going into their matchup with Arizona.  If the Wildcats can beat USC, it would appear that they will be headed to the National Championship against an insanely talented Oklahoma team.

BCS Rankings going into the last week
Oklahoma .938
Arizona .880
Fresno State .879

.001! WOW