Prior to Tonight’s Game against Arizona State – Coach Stoops invited the media in to transcribe his speech to his players:

“Men, and that’s what you are, men.  No, you are more than men, you are Arizona Wildcats.  Being a man is something that you are born as, or maybe you go through some crappy ceremony and they call you a man, but to be a Wildcat you have to be chosen.  And all of you, even Michael Scott and Mike Cooper, were chosen to be on this team.

Tonight, we are not facing another group of men.  We are facing the Arizona State Sun Devils.  They are everything that you are not: where you are good, they are evil, where you are men, they are boys, where you are smart (kind of), they are dumb, where you have treatable STDs, they have fatal ones.  Which brings me to another point, tonight, whether we win or lose, avoid those ASU girls like the plague.  John Lewis had an affair with one of them a few years ago, decided to go pro too early and ended up mining coal in Russia or something, I don’t keep close tabs on him.

We are sitting one game away from a shot at a national championship. Some of you remember 2012, when we had an amazing team and West Virginia walked all over us.  Some of you might have been fans back in 2008 and 2009 when we won titles.  But that was then and this is now.  This is your chance to carve out a legacy as some of the greatest Wildcats in school history.  Defense, this is your chance to plant your flag and stake your claim as the best in school history.  Offense, this is your chance to reaffirm your status as the best offensive line and running game in our, and maybe even Pac Ten history.  If you win tonight, you are all heros.

If you lose, oh god help us all if you lose.  We will be letting Fresno State, with their Samurai Swords and dumb mustache coaching staff into the national championship game.  They will be destroyed by Oklahoma and they will humiliate all of West Coast Football.

So tonight, I ask you to go out there and win.  Win for your school.  Win for Arizona.  Win for Justin Abdullah and Jason Weaver.  Win for Roy Grant and Josh Zelman.  Win for Dane Wright.  Win for Chad Smith and Ben Weaver.  Win for your mothers, your sisters, your brothers.  But most of all, win it for yourself.  Now, lets crush those Sun Devils.”