haynestd2015asu.jpgTempe, AZ – After a rousing speech by Coach Stoops the Arizona Wildcats faced a major gut-check against bitter rival Arizona State.  The game was a test of coaching, talent, luck, and most of all – heart.

The game did not start well for the Wildcats as Arizona State’s 94 OVR running back, Chad Dawson ran over a stunned Arizona defense.  Before anyone could blink, Casey had thrown a pick, Dawson had 100 yards and two touchdowns and the Wildcats were trailing 14-0.

You could almost hear the boosters grumbling to put in Brent Robinson as the team would need to pass in order to make the necessary comeback, especially since Redwood Haynes was being stuffed by an agressive run blitz.

But going into the 2nd quarter, the Wildcats defense, led by their outstanding core of Linebackers put the screws to Arizona State.  Dawson who appeared to be on his way to a career game finsihed with only 112 yards.

“We shut him down,” said Patrick Rodriguez after the game.  “Yeah he punked Kevin, pretty badly too, but it’s a lot like leading after the first lap – yeah it’s fun, but in the end who cares?”

After Bonds brutal stiff arming, he woke up and had six tackles and forced TWO fumbles out of Dawson.  When asked how he did it, Bonds said that the stiff arm reminded him of the time that his dad stiff armed him when he was six in a backyard football game.  That made him angry so he went for the strip to try and humiliate Dawson.bondsasupunked2015.jpg

But while the defense was stepping up, the offense really struggled to get into gear, until the end of the 3rd quarter.  As the period ticked away, the Wildcats put together an incredible drive with a mix of short passes and punishing runs by Haynes.  As the third quarter ended, Arizona was down by four and facing a 4th and 1 at the goal.  Stoops decided to send Haynes up the middle one more time, and he scored and changed the moment of the game.

“Yeah scoring that touchdown was great,” said Haynes.  “But you do know what’s greater?  Bicycling, recycling, and sustainable growth.  I hate it up here so much.  This is how the world is going to end, with traffic, and freeways, and gated communities.  Phoenix is hot as hell, I wonder why?”

Haynes ended the game with 32 carries for 132 yards and a touchdown.  He was an absolute beast this season with over 300 carries and over 2000 yards rushing.  It’s a miracle that he didn’t get hurt, something Haynes chalks up to his Veganism.

caseyheart2015asu.jpgBut the real story today was Casey Cook.  Much like how the loss to Colorado turned Dane Wright into a leader, this victory turned Casey Cook into the undisputed leader of the Arizona Wildcats.  While he didn’t pass much, Cook gutted out some tough 3rd down runs, and some gritty plays where he took monster hits but didn’t throw a pick or get intercepted.  He ended the game with four touchdown passes on only 9 completions.

“This was huge for me,” said Cook after the game.  “I think my teammates finally respect me, and see how much I wanted to win.”

Marcus Holbert was on the recieving end of most of those passes, making four catches for 110 yards and two touchdowns.  And yes, he busted out the rodeo dance for  both of them.

This was a very gutsy win for Arizona as the head into Championship Week to see if they can hold on to their spot at #2 in the BCS.  The Wildcats also won their 4th straight Pac Ten title and have extended their Pac Ten winning streak to a record 36 straight games.