• Students have their Graduation in the Save Mart Center (Classy)
  • The Fresno State Bulldog Mascot is named Timeout (Lame)
  • The “V” on the back of the helmet honors agriculture (Ok, I guess)
  • Fresno State operates a commerical Winery (AJ Nichols said that he could piss in a tub and call it wine, that doesn’t make it a winery)

Famous Alumni

  • The Greatest Politician Name: Cruz Bustamante is a graduate
  • Mike Martz (Pretty Sweet)
  • Paul O’Neill (Not the baseball player, but the guy who signs American money, pretty cool)
  • Lane Kiffin (Lame)
  • Terry Pendelton (sweet) – did anybody look less like a professional athlete? This guy looked like Forrest Whittakers out of shape cousin.

Pretty cool, but Nicole Richie beats them all.