redwood2015nc.jpgNew Orleans, LA – With booster Myles V. in attendance along with local celebrities Master P, Lil Wayne and Baby (pictured) the Arizona Wildcats made a bold statement about why they are the best team in the nation.

From the opening drive it was clear that Arizona was the better team.  Like many WAC teams, Fresno State appeared overmatched on the first drive.  Arizona’s defense completely shut them down, and then on the ensuing drive Arizona just marched down the field at will and scored.  And it pretty much stayed that way for the entire game.

But more importantly, Redwood Haynes asserted himself as the best player on the best team by having his biggest game when it counted most.  He had 41 carries for 252 yards and four, yes FOUR touchdowns.arizonasideline2015nc.jpg

“If you think this was a big win, a bigger win would be the win over global warming,” said Haynes after the game.  “If everyone who wants to support me and the Wildcat team would buy compact flourescent bulbs, try to bike to work, and reuse shopping bags, I would consider it an honor.  Don’t buy t-shirts and hats, honor this team through your actions.  The new rankings are: Environment #1, Arizona #2.  Show me that people.”

Casey Cook was 6/14 for a touchdown to Marcus Holbert, but he threw two goalline interceptions, including one that was returned for a touchdown.

“We had a shutout,” said Patrick Rodriguez after the game who proudly donned the #7 sticker in the game for Crimson Tide RB Seth Sanchez.  “Casey blew it, I can finally say it: he’s a loser.  I hate that guy, he sucks.  We should direct snap to Redwood on every play.  We could have ended our career with a shutout in the national championship.”

prodsanchez2015.jpgThat Arizona defense held Fresno’s Top Ten offense to a total of 58 yards and never let them cross the 50.    The Arizona four played their last game together and they all came up like heroes.  Paul Martin (the sole Junior) had 6 Tackles, Kevin Bonds saved his best for last with 5 tackles, a sack, an int, a Forced Fumble and a deflection.  Patrick Rodriguez has a sack, 2 TFLs, and a fumble recovery.  And Will Higgins had 2 tackles for loss.

“I am going to miss these  guys,” said Stoops after the game. “This was the best defense we ever had and it was those linebackers that made it that way.  They were incredible.  You hear that John Lewis – INCREDIBLE.”

Job offers from V-Tech, WVU, USC

Final Polls
#1 Arizona (38)
#2 Colorado (21)
#3 Penn State (3)
#4 Fresno STate
#5 Miami

#1 Arizona (61)
#2 Colorado
#3 Fresno STate
#4 Penn State
#5 Miami