smubloxxx2016.jpgDallas, TX – The Arizona Wildcats breezed into town as the overwhelming favorites and did nothing to change that perception against SMU.  Though the Wildcats have traditionally struggled with the #1 ranking, SMU did not provide much of a challenge as Arizona walked out of Dallas with a 52-14 win.

Redwood Haynes started off his junior year the same way he ended his sophomre year – with excellence.  He carried the ball 29 times for 258 yards and five touchdowns, made even more impressive by the fact that he didn’t play a single snap in the 4th quarter.

“I hate Dallas,” said Haynes after the game. “Everything about this city is wrong – the money, the oil, the suburbs, the terrible public transit.  This place is disgusting and will never get better.  My goal today was to humiliate everyone who lives here and goes to this rich privileged Republican loving school.  Also, I want to say that while my O-line doesn’t all agree with my views, they were incredible today.”

Incredible might be an understatement.  Though it’s early in the season, this might be the best offensive line that Arizona has ever fielded.  Josh Diles, Marcus Roberts and Larry Vinson are all 99 Overall, while the Black Nightmare was solid at Right Tackle.  The picture above shows that the blocking movement has affected the whole team as recievers, running backs, and tight ends are blocking like experts for Haynes.

“Yeah, we’re pretty good,” said Marcus Roberts after the game.  “Although the SMU guys were pretty weak, I think Redwood is the best I’ve ever seen, but against this defense, I think Schiavone could have run for 140.” smuqb2016.jpg

Casey Cook, a Heisman contender, looked like the type of QB who might be able to play at the next level.  With minimal pressure and Haynes having a great game, Cook went 7/8 for 200 yards and 2 touchdowns.

Finally, Arizona’s defense looked good, but not great.  Graduation has hit this team hard, and they looked particularly vulnerable against running quarterbacks and passing.  Both attributable to the relative inexperience in the defensive secondary.

“We ain’t what we used to be,” said defensive captain Will Higgins.  “But we’re still pretty good.  Better than these jerks.”

Up next for the Wildcats is SVSW in Tucson, Alabama is unranked.