cookbama2016.jpgTucson, AZ – The Arizona Wildcats continue their amazing run of being upset rather early in the season when ranked #1.  But Saturday saw them lose to bitter rival Alabama in a game that was not close after the first quarter.

The game got off to a good start with Arizona recovering a fumble on the opening kickoff.  Brian Haynes then ran it in for a touchdown – he would finish the game with 109 yards and a touchdown, though the offense relied primarily on the pass in the last quarters to mount a comeback.

But there would be no comeback as the Wildcats proceeded to turn the ball over not once, not twice, but SEVEN times, including five interceptions – three by Casey Cook, who is now 1-2 in lifetime games against Alabama.

“I don’t know what it is,” said Cook, who went 4/11 with 3 INTs and no TDs.  “I was clean for this one, I just couldn’t get it right.”

Clearly, and it was not like Alabama’s offense was anything to be proud of, they had a player wearing Seth Sanchez’s number who was not impressive.  Arizona’s Athletic Director has scheduled an appointment to talk with the RPT Tide about changing that players number and ensuring that no Alabama player will ever again don the #7 jersey.fakesanchez2016.jpg

“It’s not right to see him wearing that,” said Redwood Haynes after the game. “The loss hurt, but seeing someone else wear #7 really hurt a lot more.  He was even a running back, this is such an insult.  I’m really offended at the AD at RPT Alabama.  I consider Seth Sanchez one of my heroes, and seeing someone else wearing number seven would be like some Russian asshole wearing #99 in Edmonton, or some Cuban wear #3 on the  Yankees.”

But it cannot be emphasized that this game was won by the Alabama defense.  There were no stars (although two players each had two picks), but rather they played a team – disrupting the pass rush, shutting down Haynes (to an extent) and masking coverages that confused Cook and Robinson.  They exposed so many weaknesses of this Arizona team:

  • Force them to run right – the left side of the line is much stronger and Haynes favors it.
  • Disrupt Casey Cook, he’s easily rattled
  • Hit the Wide Receivers (five drops in this game) – they are not tough.
  • Force turnovers – Arizona does not play well from behind.

The team has fallen to #10 in the ranking, and lost 2 in-season recruits after the loss, and quite frankly are lucky to still have players interested.

“I’m disappointed,” said Coach Stoops.  “But I thought that #1 ranking was inflated, I think we are a #10 team.  Our defense is too young, and I was wrong about the right side of our line being talented enough.  I’m really starting to see what we had last year and why it was a national championship team.”

Kicker Jay Gibson booted a 46 yarder and two extra points in the game.

fontainerocked2016bama.jpg“Did you see that kick?” said Gibson after the game. “Ooooooooohhhh weeee, that was into the wind bitches, INTO THE WIND.  I mean losing sucks, but if I keep kicking we’ll be fine.  I hope we play in a bowl game in Miami, I’ve never been there, I heard the hoes are crazy fly.”

The SVSW Egg is flying to Tuscaloosa where it will spend the rest of the year, and Arizona will have to try and pry it away from the south in next year’s SVSW.

“What hurts most,” said Mike McIntosh. “Is that we lost the egg.  That egg means so much to me and the community and the team.  To see it in Alabama just hurts.”

Yes it does Mike, yes it does.