Boulder, CO – It’s going to be one of those years – the type of year the basketball team had from about 2002-2007 where the team can beat anyone on any given day, and lose to any team on any given day. But on Saturday it was a win, a huge win, a shocking win. A monumental win for the program as the Wildcats completely shut down an overrated Colorado team.

“This is for one man,” said Casey Cook who was 6/8 for 144 yards and a TD, and some clutch rushes. “It’s for Dane Wright. These jerks took away his perfect season, and I hope this gives him a little comfort.”

Former Wildcats Dane Wright, Josh Zelman, and Chad Smith were all in attendance.

“This means so much,” said Wright. “I hate the Buffaloes, and this victory really feels good. A Wildcat might lose once, but they never forget. Bear Down.”

But the star of the game, as usual, was Redwood Haynes who continues to be a legend in teh backfield. Rushing 31 times for 213 yards and 5 TDs, he looks like he’s on his way to a Heisman. Of his touchdowns, 2 were memorable. On one goal line play, he hit the line and was absolutely rocked by a Colorado defender, so much so that his helmet popped off. But Haynes held onto the ball and managed to fall into the endzone for the touchdown. He was then able to celebrate helmet free without a penalty. But his 5th touchdown of the day was incredible. He took the ball at 45 and broke THREE open field tackles to scramble into the endzone.

lamont2016col.jpg“While I don’t approve of a lot of the suburban development in Denver,” said Haynes after the game. “I really like what Boulder does for bikers and the environment. They’re an example for all of us. Well, their defense isn’t. But the city council is. In fact, I think their city council probably would have done a better job tackling.”

The Wildcat Defense, which looked so shaky in SVSW, bounced right back and played incredibly well. Shutting down a Colorado offense that featured 3 OL over 99. Simply put, Colorado could not get it in gear.

Some Key Stats from Colorado’s offense:

  • 2 First Downs – Total
  • 21 Carries for 16 yards
  • 4/10 passing for 47 yards
  • Sacked 5 times
  • 0/9 on 3rd Down Conversions
  • Total Offense: 69 yards.
  • Total points: 0

Though Alphonso Alston had 4 tackles and 3 sacks, it was truly a team effort as everyone worked together to shut down the Buffaloes.

Kicker Jay Gibson was 3/3 including 2/2 from beyond 40 yards.fontainecol2016.jpg

“Man, this was fun,” said Gibson after the game. “Also, I’m not saying I forgive Kobe, but I understand. These bitches up here are like spring water, but man, if you ain’t wearing a gold helmet, they ain’t playing with your purple helmet. I mean, I copped a BJ from some Beater chick, but that was only because I told her I was in G-Unit.”

Lamont Meyers deserves props for making one of the most amazing backfield blocks in School history (pictured).

Arizona moved up to #7 in the rankings (#5 media) going into the bye week, then their matchup with USC.