mcintoshwsu2016.jpgPullman, WA – Arizona v. Washington State has not had the markings of a great game for a very long time, and this saturday was no exception as the Wildcats cruised to a 52-7 victory. The game was so boring, that many Wildcat players were offended by the effort put forth by the Cougars.

“I had some friends drive out from the Dub-C,” said Jay Gibson who got a tattoo of a Pac Man, to show his support for Pac Man Jones. “They wanted to see me kick a winning field goal, instead they saw one kick and some extra points. I’m going to contact the AD at WSU and demand that he give them gas money. To drive all this way for such a lame game, I’m pretty annoyed.”

Washington State did not get a 1st down until the 3rd quarter, and scored in 4th, on a 4th and 1 with a fluke pass against Arizona’s second string defense.

“This wasn’t much of a challenge,” said Redwood Haynes who ran 21 times for 157 yards and 2 TDs. “Games like this make Heisman voters not respect the west coast. This team needs to get better.gibsontat.jpg Maybe if Oregon State and Washington State merged…maybe then we could get a good game.”

The game featured very few highlights, although Linebacker Greg White (who had more playing time thanks to Will Higgins suspension) made the most of his time on the field with 7 tackles and an interception returned for a TD.


  • Cook looked good – 8/11 3 TDs, 0 INT, 5/46 rushing