Tim Christian
#1 FB
Tallmadge, OH
6’0″ 239 lbs
40: 4.6
Field AWR: C+
Vert: 32.7″
HAnds: B
Bench: 360
Squat: 570
Pot: poor
Dis: AVG

Prior to being named Tallmadge, the town was called “Town 2, Range 10” as a part of the Connecticut Western Reserve. Christian always thought that it was way more gangster to say “T2, R10” what? And whenever he would play World of Warcraft, or Quake that’s where he would say he was from, and he used the named “Wannabe Drunk” as a screen name. The reason is that until the early 1990s, Alcohol was banned in Tallmadge. That’s right NINTEEN (19) 90s. Recently Alcohol has been permitted for consumption, but it’s not as cool as it could be. Christian always wanted to go to a party school where he could drink light beer and Everclear. When it became clear that Football would be his ticket, he made his decision based solely on which school was best for partying. He visited Florida State but he saw a fat girl passed out near a keg and got scared. He went to Arizona State, but because of all the fake tans he was convinced there was a jaundice outbreak. When he came to Tucson, Will Higgins took him straight to a bar, got him drunk and let him sleep on the bare mattress he keeps in his spare room.

Quinn Scott
#1 OLB
Woodridge IL
6’4″ 229 lbs
40: 4.46
Field AWR: A
Vert: 37.5″
Hands: C
Bench: 405
Squat: 655
Dis: AVG
Pot: AVG

Quinn Scott and Greg Moore are known as the Illinois Woodies, as both recruits come from a town in Illinois with the word “wood” in the title.    Woodridge has a number of bike paths that allow citizens to safely ride around town, unfortunately, Quinn never used them.  When he was 6 his father bought him a Hummer Powerwheels – he rode it on the bike paths and would consistently kick over cyclists or throw sticks into their spokes.  Five people were injured, one fatally.  But because even at 12, Quinn was such a football prospect, they let it go.  When he was sixteen, his dad got him a real hummer for his Sweet Sixteen Party.  Quinn proceeded to park the car anywhere he wanted – the middle of football fields, on top of English teachers cars, and inside of a Sears.  But everyone let this behavior go unchecked because they thought he was going to sign with the University of Illinois and bring the program back to glory.  But one day he was watching TV and saw a commercial for a Hummer and it was driving in the desert.  He called up Coach Stoops – who initially was hesitant because he thought that Scott had said “WOODBRIDGE” and the UofA has a strict – No Toronto Gino policy.  But the two talked, Coach Stoops told him about the off road opportunities in Tucson, and he was sold.  Later that week he drove his hummer through a wall at his high school, and took out his Illini letter of intent, yelled ‘sike!’ and signed with UofA.  Apparently because of some mixup, Illinois has to pay to replace the wall.

Greg Moore
#1 SS
Homewood, IL
40: 4.39
Field AWR: A+
Vert: 40.4″
Hands: A-
Bench: 370
Squat: 520
Pot: poor
Dis: AVG

Greg Moore was named in honor of the Canadian driver who died in a racing accident.  As long as Greg could remember he has been obsessed with Canada.  Homewood, IL is rich suburb of Chicago that is 18% black, so the high schools have a “She’s All That”-type ethnicity mix.  Moore, black, was always obsessed with Canada and the small, but significant Black population in the country.  He idolized Soca music, Anson Carter, and had his wall plastered with pictures of American CFL Players – men who were living his dream.  He even attended Caribana twice, and managed not to get stabbed.  That only made him love Canada more.  He is going to study History at Arizona, and hopefully do a summer study session at either Brock or Trent.  Arizona’s AD has promised to keep up loaded up with Ketchup Chips, Coffee Crisps, and Mint Aero bars.