haynescal2016.jpgTucson, AZ – The Cal Golden Bears always seem to go into games with the Wildcats with high rankings, lots of buzz, and a hype that they might win.  And every single time they are blown out and humiliated – some suggest the humiliation is a direct order from the AD to punish the Northern California squad because of a bad experience he had with one of their residents.

In any case, this game was pretty much over before it started.  Cal’s QB Josh Rice (son of Jerry) started off the game with a 15 yard run and the coaching staff started thinking “Barrett Dixon again?”  But then Rice decided to pass and was promptly intercepted.  On the next play, Redwood Haynes broke off a 60 yard run for a touchdown.

“This wasn’t even fun,” said Haynes who had 20 carries for 232 yards and four touchdowns in a single half.  “I didn’t even play a full game.  I could have run for 500 today, but what would have been the point?  This team was just awful, I can’t believe they were ranked #9 – every year Oregon and Washington are better but don’t get the hype.   I mean I support a lot of what Northern California is about, but like this team it’s better on paper than reality.  The people, just like this team can’t live up to it.”

Casey Cook only got to play the first half but he made the most of it going 5/5 for 123 yards, one touchdown, and two rushing scores.calbrokenarm2016.jpg

At the half the score was 42-0 and Casey and Redwood hit the bench.  Cal would score in the 2nd half after Brent Robinson threw THREE interceptions, including one that was brought back for a touchdown.

“What?” said Robinson after the game.  “I did it to make them feel better.  I don’t regret it.”

But this game was dominated by the Wildcat defense who forced SEVEN TURNOVERS and physically punished Cal.  Greg White BROKE the arm of their 96 OVR running back on a kick return.

“Let me tell you something,” said White after the game.  “I literally want to break every player’s arm that I tackle.  That is my goal.”

Nick Robinson had a superstar game by making 7 tackles, 2 TFL, and two sacks.  And Justin Small had two interceptions in the first halfcalmediacoverage2016.jpg.