gibsonfg.jpgEugene, OR – Rain, in Oregon, and the Ducks with a QB who can run.  It all looked like a disaster waiting for the Wildcats.  And for most of the first half it looked that way.

The Oregon Ducks came out with a strong defense and their Junior QB Wesley Dodds was tearing up the ‘Cats defense with a five wide set and lots of scrambles.   Going into the final minute of the first half, Oregon led the Wildcats 7-3.  But Casey Cook refused to be contained and drove Arizona down for a score that put them up 10-7 at the half.

In the second half, Arizona just took over.  Though they were not making their way to the endzone, they kept getting inside the 40 where Jay Gibson was able to take over.

“Finally I showed my skills,” said Gibson who went 5/5 on FGs and 2/2 on EPs with a long of 46.  “I had some peoples from the Dub-C drive down.  This was my kind of game.  I’m still feeling like kickin so if any Oregon rednecks want a fight, come find me.”

Gibson was named player of the game and made one kick into a seemingly invisible set of goal posts (see pictured).

Defensively Nick Robinson continued his dominance of Pac Ten offensive linemen with three more sacks.robinson2016oregon.jpg

“Dem Indiana Boys ain’t no joke,” said Robinson.  “You gotta let my boy start playing, we gonna tear it up next year.  Tear it up like Tony Stewart at Daytona, ya heard?”


  • Cook 7/9, 105, 1 TD, 13/54
  • Haynes 28/161 0 TDs
  • Greg White 7 tkls
  • Jon Floyd PR TD