Colin Fox
#1 OLB
Humble, TX
6’1″ 223 lbs
40: 4.43
Field AWR: A-
Vert: 37.5
Hands: D
Bench: 380
Squat: 620
Pot: Avg.
5 Stars

Humble Texas (pronounced ‘umble) is an oil town that has spawned David Boston and Alberto Gonzalez.  Colin Fox considers them to be the opposite ends of the spectrum of people he looks up to – he likes David Boston because he makes money, plays football, and lifts weights.  He hates Alberto Gonzalez because he’s republican, but more so because he puts people in jail.  Colin Fox had a play group when he was growing up of 15 babies in his neighborhood.  When he was 12, 11 of them were in jail, including seven girls.  Colin Fox has been in front of the court a LOT but his football ability consistently gets him out of trouble.  He led Humble High to a State Title and drew a lot of recruiting interest.  Kansas State was interested and tried to tell him that he wouldn’t have to change uniforms (Humble jacked K-State for style), but Colin thought Purple was played out, and he only liked seeing it in his cup (as a sizzerp).

Darrell Ross
Willowbrook, CA
6’1″ 190lbs
#1 WR
40: 4.16 (yes that’s fast)
Field AWR: C+
Vert: 41.6″
Hands: A+
Bench: 240
Squat: 350
Pot: Avg
5 Stars

Willowbrook is right next to Compton and it is thugged out.  It’s home of the Martin Luther King Hospital which has had problems in accreditation and poor medical treatment.  One time Ross sprained his knee and his father, a former marine, drove him to Cedars Sinai for a medical exam.  He was fine.  Ross grew up in some pretty tough circumstances but his father’s military background and his mother’s devotion to the church kept in line.  He also watched the movie Antoine Fisher 150 times.  He plays to become either a lawyer or a doctor and is using football as an opportunity to get a good education without putting a burden on his parents.  He finished with a 4.0 GPA, tons of community service, and was All City in Basketball, Football, LaCross, Track and Cross Country.  He was offered a full ride to Stanford, Harvard, and Yale (although the last two were shady deals), but chose Arizona because he wanted to be closer to his parents, and hopes to get an internship with Mike B.