mcintoshasu2016.jpgTucson, AZ – Rain in November? In Tucson?  Something strange was in the air for the Territorial Cup.  With a wet ground and a fiery rivarly, it seemed like Arizona’s fairy tale season might come to an end and keep them out of the national championship game against Miami.

Casey Cook, who is absolutely terrible under pressure, played amazingly well in the face of a Sun Devil defense that was committed to shutting down the run.  Casey went 4/7 for 118 yards and a touchdown before being taken out of the game with a shoulder injury.

“It’s not too serious,” said Cook after the game.  “ASU guys can’t hurt me, they can bruise me, but that’s mostly just a fluke.  Besides I wanted Brent to get some time against these jerks.”

Arizona’s defense really struggled against ASU’s Jon Jones, an incredible sophomore running back who went 13/123 and a touchdown.

“Yeah he was pretty good,” said Greg White after the game.  “But it’s like when there’s a fly in the room.  You know you’re stronger, smarter, and better looking but you just can’t kill it.  Just like that.  I hope he declares early for the draft, then blows out his knee, or has to play in NFL Europe.”

On Arizona’s side, Redwood Haynes made a final push for the Heisman by running 29 times for 160 yards and two touchdowns.  Though some think that Haynes’ radical environmentalist views will keep him out of the ceremony as many fear that he will use his victory speech to talk about major environmental issues.

Mike McIntosh had a great game catching four balls for 112 yards and a touchdown.haynesasubustedup2016.jpg

But the offensive hero of the game was Jay Gibson who booted four field goals including one from 49 yards out.

“You surprised?” said Gibson after the game.  “Please.  I could kick a brick between the arms of a five year old.  Wouldn’t even touch the sides.  I kick ballz playa! I KICK BALLZ!”


  • Greg White – 10 Tackles
  • Nick Robinson 4 tackles, 3 SACKS