RPT: Hi Guys

Casey Cook: Hello

Will Higgins: ARRRGHHHHHH What a Rush!

RPT: What are you? in the Legion of Doom?

WH: frrhshfh

CC: He’s just excited.

RPT: Did you trainer give him something?

CC: We have to keep him, sedated during the week.  WE take him off the meds for games.

RPT: speaking of meds, how are you Casey?

CC: Clean as a whistle! And thankfully the National Championship will be in Miami, where there won’t be any temptations.

RPT: Uh, yeah.  So you have a history of choking in big games, what will make this different?

CC: Well, I won a national title last year against Fresno State.

RPT: Most people agree they were not a National Championship calibre team.

CC: Maybe.

RPT: So why the struggle in big games?

CC: Can I be honest?

RPT: Please

CC: In all of those big games, SVSW, etc, I was high as a kite.  Meth, Coke, Heroin, everything.  I was bombed.  My water bottle was pure mescaline and crushed up toads that I got from a Shaman in the Arizona desert.

RPT: But you’re clean now?

CC: You bet! I’m ready for this game.  Wisconsin is the toughest team we’ve played all year, and I think I’m ready.

RPT: How many times do you think you’ll pass?

CC: eight or nine.  Mostly I’ll be running the option and handing off to Redwood.

RPT: Speaking of which, do you think he’ll leave early for the NFL?

CC: If he leaves early it’s to join Greenpeace, or live in Tibet.  The guy is dedicated.

RPT: What will you do after graduation?

CC: Not rehab! HAHAHAHA

RPT: (silence)

CC: Seriously though, I think I’ll go back to Illinois to be a counsellor for troubled youth.

RPT: Riiiiight.

CC: What?

RPT: With all of the respective powders in the world waiting to be snorted and injected, you’re just going to let them go?

CC: Uhhhhh

RPT: Is Lindsay Lohan coming to the game?

CC: She is, but for moral support.

RPT: Well, good luck Casey.