prod.jpegJason Weaver (Jersey is #3 Seller on Saints Team): “What it do? I just want to give shout outs to my boy Jay-Gib, he gon run it against Wisconsin. We had to go to Green Bay last year and it sucked. Wisconsin is lame. Keep it real y’all and start throwing again.”

dane.jpegDane Wright (Jersey sales have been stagnant, but still #4 on the Lions squad): “Stay calm Casey, you’re getting to do something that I never did. Remember don’t force passes, hand it to Redwood and try to play like everything depends on this game.”

pratrod.jpegPatrick Rodriguez (Reggaeton Artist Hector el Father wore a Patrick Rodriguez jersey in his last video, as a result his jersey is a latino uniform now. He is the #1 selling player in the NFL): “I like where the defense is going, you guys are good, not as good as last year, but you’re solid. Nick Robinson is a straight up superstar. But remember this is Big Ten v. Pac Ten, they hate you, they don’t respect you, they think you are from the wild west where offense rules and defense is an after thought. Take that anger, take that pain and use it to humiliate them. Break arms, bite, kick them in the nuts. You are WILDCATS, now go out there and bring another title back to the desert.”