casey.jpegCasey Cook
1/1 – Houston Texans
Chosen first over all by the Houston Texans, an organization that hopes to build a decent offensive line around him to help avoid making the same mistake they did with David Carr.  And they are paying him very very well, seven years $117.7M.  Some are concerned that Houston’s proximity to Mexico’s Meth production labs and their strong Cough Syrup scene  will make things exceptionally difficult for Casey.

haynes.jpegRedwood Haynes
1/2 – San Diego Chargers
Selected second overall, Haynes will be heading west back to his native California.  While he made it clear that he wanted to play for the Seahawks, he has no plans to skip camp.  He has already commissioned a zero emission house near the stadium where he will ride a bicycle to practice and games.  He has already started campaigning to reduce traffic and car use in San Diego. “It’s not as bad as LA,” said Haynes.  “But this is still ridiculous, the suburbs are too big, people drive too much, and there is no subway.  I’m gonna work on changing that.”87 OVR  7/$58.1M

Mike McIntosh
1/10 – St. Louis Rams

Will Higgins
1/13 New Orleans

Larry Vinson
1/24 – Washington Redskins

Paul Fontaine
2/35 Cleveland

Phil Harrison
2/54 Carolina Panthers

Lawrence Garcia
2/56 Redskins

Jeremy Brown
3/66 St. Louis Rams

Paul Martin
3/67 – Jacksonville Jaguars

Richard Campbell
3/83 – Seattle Seahawks

Lamont Meyers
3/89 – Denver Broncos

AJ Nichols
5/141 – New York Jets

Chad Horton
5/149 Tennessee Titans

Antonio Fowler
5/152 Redskins

Joey Faaeeteete
6/188 – Ravens

Greg White
7/194 St. Louis Rams

Clint Brown
7/206 Buffalo Bills