gatech2017robinson.jpgTucson, AZ – An early September monsoon swept over Tucson on Saturday.  Filling the air with the wonderful scent of wet desert earth.  But another smell was emanating from Arizona Stadium, that of the putrid Georgia Tech defense.

Brent Robinson in his first start as Quarterback, and running the new Arizona offense performed incredibly well.  Going 33/42 for 394 yards with three touchdowns and two interceptions.  Unfortunately both interceptions were thrown at the goalline and returned for touchdowns.  Meaning that Robinson might have thrown for 5 touchdowns had his recievers ran the proper routes.

“It was incredible,” said Robinson after the game.  “I’m so happy to finally have my chance to start, I waited for three long years under Casey who taught me a lot.  But I’m a different quarterback and this is a different team.  Bear Down.”

Freshman running back Alan Barron did extremely well in his first game, rushing five times for forty eight yards, but also pulling down seven catches.  His hands and smaller size (compared to Redwood Haynes) make him more of a recieving threat and the Wildcats look like they will exploit that ability throughout the season.

Andy Jackson, the burner from Peterborough, Ontario  had the game of his life.  Pulling in two touchdown catches including one that he caught at midfield and broke for a sixty yard score.

“Colooocoocooocooocooo,” said Jackson after the game, imitating the famous call from Bob and Doug McKenzie.  “This game was sweet, eh?  A real beaut. “gatech2017jackson.jpg

But literally the biggest star on offense was Josh Diles who had EIGHT pancakes blocks.  After the game he refused to be interviewed, but declared Georgia Tech to be a bunch of “high tech pussies.”

On Defense, it looks like this season will be dominated by DEM INDIANA BOYZ – Matt Fitzhugh and Nick Robinson.  Boht had five tackles, Fitzhugh had three for loss, and Robinson had two sacks.  He also had two catches at the goalline, as he is playing 3rd string tight end in goal line situations.

“Hey, if Jay can go both ways,” said Robinson.  “So can I.  You listening UofA honeys?  I hope to inspire you all to go both ways.  Especially you Ashley [Last Name deleted].”