svswegg2017.jpgTuscaloosa, AL – The #11 Crimson Tide were not about to hand over the prized SVSW Egg. With a pair of running backs clocking in at over 90 OVR, and an extremely aggressive defense. They played the Wildcats as tough as any team over the past six years and almost came away with a victory.

The first half did not start well for the Wildcats. Though Robinson passed reasonbly well on the opening drive, and Jay Gibson field goal put the Cats up 3-0, he proceded to throw THREE interceptions in the first half. Spotting Alabama 17-3 lead with a minute left in the half. But Robinson was not going to pull a Casey Cook and crawl into his hole and just die. He came out swinging in the last minute and was able to get the Wildcats down to the 40 yard line of Alabama before throwing a hailmary to Marcus Holbert to finish the first half 17-10.

“I don’t quit,” said Robinson. “I throw picks, I make mistakes, but I play hard and I never give up. I will not let this team down. I will not let my father down. I got New Jersey on my back.”

The second half remained tight, and Arizona committed to the West Coast offense of short passes and draw plays. Both sides were punting a lot, and Arizona’s defense came up huge in shutting down both the run and the pass. Especially Dem Indiana Boyz.

“We’re mad real,” said Nick Robinson who only had one sack, but was an absolute terror in getting pressure on the Alabama QB. “You can’t shut us down.”holberthailmarytd.jpg

They especially could not shut down Matt Fitzhugh who had five tackles, 3 TFLs and a sack. Also, Freshman sensation Quinn Scott had a sack and dropped TWO sure interceptions.

The game went back and forth until Alan Barron scrambled for a 17 yard touchdown run that featured an amazing block by freshman Fullback Tim Christian.

After that, the hungry Arizona defense picked off a pass that set up a Jay Gibson game winning field goal with two minutes left. After another turnover, Arizona got the ball back and started to run out the clock. But with all their timeouts and no Redwood Haynes the Wildcats were unable to get a first down and were forced to punt.

Alabama tried their hardest and made it all the way down to the Arizona 42 yard line with robinsonsvsw.jpg10 seconds left on the clock. The Tide let a precious six seconds tick off the clock before calling a final timeout. They now had no chance at a field goal and had to throw a hail mary.

The pass was a beautiful arcing spiral that headed towards an Alabama reciever in single coverage. The crowd gasped, expecting another Wildcat loss at the hands of the tide. But Jon Floyd – Chinle’s finest. Intercepted the pass to finish the game.

Though the battle was won, the war was lost as The Egg stays in Tuscaloosa for another year.

Key Stats

  • #5 Game of All Time – Game Score of 1033
  • Brent Robinson 25/46 – 325 yards, 1 TD, 4 INTs
  • Alan Barron 5/37 – 1 T rushing, 6/33 rec
  • Ryan Parrish 9/137
  • Marcus Holbert 4/89 1 TD