floydwsu2017.jpgTucson, AZ – The Arizona Wildcats will be led by a mormon.  While Arizona’s large Mormon population in Phoenix is planning to make big road trips for all the game started by Arizona’s backup QB – Clarence Howard.  Brent Robinson went down in then 2nd quarter with a strained abdominal muscle, and will be out for three weeks.  It is the most serious injury to a Wildcat in five years.

In the game, Robinson looked pretty good before going down – 15/21 237 2 TDs.

“I’m very upset that I’m  hurt,” said Robinson after the game.  “But, we have a bye so I’ll only miss two games.  USC and Stanford.  Clarence can handle USC…um, maybe?”

The Wildcats are not resting easy this week, knowing that an unproven Junior Mormon QB will have to defend their Pac Ten winning streak against a Trojan team that is undefeated and ranked #5.

But they looked pretty good against WSU – with the Freshman Backfield doing it’s thing again – Alan Barron went over 100 yards for the first time, Steve Gilmore had two big 25 yard runs, and fullback Tim Christian had two more TDs on only nine yards!

Ryan Parrish had six catches for over 100 yards again.christianwsu2017.jpg

On defense Alphonso Alston went nuts with six tackles, 4 TFLs, and 1 interception.

“Man, I hate WSU,” said Alston after the game.  “One time I stopped for gas in Pullman, and I wanted to get a slimjim, but the little store in there had no slim jims.  It sucked.  I had to eat one of those gross things with cheese and meat in the same package.  The greases comingled, I didn’t even finish it.  I through it at a kid in a WSU sweatshirt and swore revenge.  And now, here we are.”

Quinn Scott is turning into a freshman sensation has he was hitting HUGE all game long.

Jon Floyd returned a punt for TD>