Seattle, WA – The Arizona Wildcats had lost back to back games for the first time in a very long time.  And going into this game with Washington, there was a lot of buzz about a serious chance for a third straight loss as the Huskies always play the Wildcats tight and are upset hungry.

Arizona started the game strong with a 60 yard touchdown pass from Robinson to Ryan Parrish, who caught a short pass and then busted it wide open for the touchdown.robinson2017uw.jpg

“Man you are finally talking to me?” said Parrish who had six catches for 201 yards. “I’m glad that the punkass media has wised up.  But I’m tops baby.”

Unfortunately, Arizona’s ethusiasm quickly abated as Washington started to just pick away with short passes, lucky catches, and first down runs that seemed to come out of nowhere.  The Arizona defense was essentially powerless, and the offense could not move the ball at all.

By the halfway mark of the 3rd quarter Arizona was down 27-10.  That’s when Brent Robinson decided to take over.

“I lost us some big games this year,” said Robinson who went 15/29 for 352 yards with 2 TDs.  “But I told myself, not today.  I just knew we could not lose this game.  Not to Washington, not in front of Jay’s peeps.”

The Jay he was talking about was Jay Gibson, the pride of White Center, Washington who brought a full cadre of people.  But more on him later.

The Wildcats pecked away at that lead, utilizing big passes, short runs, and dump passes to confuse the Washington defense and legendary linebacker J. Burnsides.  With 2:00 minutes left, Jay Gibson was tasked with booting a 48 yard field goal to tie it.  He made it with room to spare, and a rather large section of the stadium went nuts.  Some whitethug even shot off an paintball gun in the air, while his boy make gunshot sounds to make it seems like he was really shooting a gun.  Some security guards were going to kick him out, then they looked at him, and looked at his little paintball gun from Target and just let it go.

“Them cops ain’t got nothing on the Dub-C killa,” said Wesley McIntosh, the white thug in question.  “The Dub-C is real, he was afraid I was going to bust a cap [paintball] in his ass.  What! what!”

With 2:00 minutes left, Washington looked to manage the clock and hopefully force overtime.  But Nick Robinson, who already had 2 sacks, decided to shake things up.  Hitting running backs in the backfield, and swatting down a pass.  Soon it was 3rd and 11 and the clock was stopped.  Washington decided to pass, but Nick Robinson busted through the line and made the sack.

They punted and Arizona took over at their own 45.

Brent Robinson approached the line and noticed the single coverage on Canadian wideout Andy Jackson who was running a flag pattern. He saw that Marcus Holbert was running a cross pattern, which meant unless a safety helped out, he could loft the ball near the sidelines and Jackson would be the only one who could catch it.  He did.

parrisuw2017.jpg“There were some Canadians here,” said Jackson.  “I had to catch that ball.”

The Wildcats then ran the ball down to the 20, and let the clock run down, and with 2 seconds left, Jay Gibson kicked the game winner to give the Wildcats a 30-27 win.

“This was for the dubbbb c!” said Gibson after the game.  “I’ve been waiting for this moment my whole life.  I wanted to show Washington what I could do, show this state what I’m ’bout.  I’m heading to the dub C and I’m banging ALL the girls from high school.”

The Wildcats are still unranked, but a few more wins should see them crack the top 25 again.