Houston, TX – After being selected as the #1 overall draft pick in the 2017 NFL Draft, a lot of people thought Casey Cook would need a miracle to live up to the hype..and stay away from his many addictions.

Born poor in East Moline, Illinois, young Casey Cook had to fight for everything he ever wanted. When he was a child and he wanted a puppy, his father made him fight the puppy’s father for control of the young dog-Casey won that fight but ended picking up more than a companion – he got rabies and hepatitis B. With no health insurance, his father sought to cure him with “natural remedies” – Old Milwaukee’s Best and a punch in the face.

Miraculously, Casey recovered, went on to be a superstar schoolboy QB and landed a scholarship at the University of Arizona. What many didn’t know was that he had a colossal problem with crystal meth.

That problem defined his first few years at Arizona where he lost games, played terribly, and got into trouble off the field. When he entered rehab in 2014, many expected his problems to disappear. But he met an aging actress named Lindsay Lohan and the two started to date. Though Casey got better and better as a quarterback, those trips to LA to face USC or UCLA always led to trouble.

But he kept his head on straight and ended up leading the Arizona Wildcats to back to back titles – the only quarterback in School history to pull off the feat. The success at Arizona came with it’s fair share of stress, but the offense focused on running back Redwood Haynes, allowing Casey the freedom to play his game and avoid the glaring eye of the media. He loved it. His entire life was getting on track.

At the NFL combine, Casey Cook wowed scouts with his ability to read – not defenses, but books. Many had though Cook was illiterate, and until his senior season, they were right. But Cook ran a sub 4.6 40, benched a ton, and looked incredible in every work out.

But what many don’t know was that Casey considers the combine to be the worst few days of his life.

“I was in Indianapolis for the draft,” says Cook from his Houston area home. “Everything was going great, I was clean, I had won the title, life was good. But Lindsay was in town filming a movie about a farm hooker or a farmer or something. She looked me up, and showed up at my door with a garbage bag full of coke. I mean, I don’t know who needs that much coke, but still it was hard to pass up. I had finished my last work out, and didn’t have anything to do but wait for the draft. I had passed the drug tests, so I thought ‘why not?’ – we had an amazing time. But when she left to film her movie, I fell into the deepest depression of my life. I had no idea what I was doing.”

What he was doing was walking the streets of Indianapolis with a bottle of Popov Vodka (reverting to his roots) and a death wish. As he stumbled in and out of traffic, he came across a Baptist Church holding a social. He stumbled inside and met Ashley Sanford. A very attractive Southern Baptist from Houston, who was in town visiting her sister.

“Man she was bout it,” says Cook borrowing an expression he learned from Jason Weaver. “She looked like Jessica Simpson but with better boobs, and a better face, and back like Jessica Alba. That’s what I’m talking about. But she had this innocent look, unlike the whores in Arizona.”

After talking for a while, Casey and her decided to go on a few dates. Eventually he discovered that she was a virgin, in the technical sense, not in any other sense. The two fell madly in love.

At the draft, Casey was hoping that the Texans would make good on their promise so he could move to Houston to be with his new love. When his name was called he was thrilled.

The couple married in July and moved into The Woodlands, one of Houston’s master planned communities.

Casey attends church every Sunday and has been local youth to keep them off meth and cocaine.