Tucson, AZ – There is a lot to be said about first impressions. Tyler Andrews, in his first play as a Wildcat threw an interception, was promptly benched, converted to DE and never played another snap again. Pac Man McCarthy had no plans of ‘going out like that.’ In the 2nd quarter of an inconsequential tune up game, the UB Buffs were kicking off the Wildcats after a fluke touchdown scored off of an interception. The ball hung in the air and came down in the hands of true Freshman Pac Man McCarthy. It was the first time he ever touched a college football. He decided to make it count.

McCarthy, blessed with 99 speed as a true freshman, made three cuts and was gone. Scoring a 96 yard Touchdown on his first ever play as a Wildcat.

“On behalf of myself,” said Pac Man after the game. “I’d like to let the whole Pac Ten know that I’ve arrived. Start recruiting corners, because I’m burning this league up.”

The rest of the game was equally uneventful as Brent Robinson picked apart Buffalo going 25/36 for 370 yard and four touchdowns. He also had two interceptions returned for touchdowns, but both were relatively flukey.pacmanbuffalo.jpg

“Man, yeah they scored,” said Robinson. “But they really aren’t a very good team. They will remember those touchdowns forever. I mean, they live in Buffalo – everything is either frozen or on fire. Life really probably won’t get better until they die.”

The rest of the game was uneventful, a total domination by the Wildcats. The defense looked very good, Ben Bray and Quinn Scott are a superstar combo at LB – reminiscent of the Kevin Bonds/Patrick Rodriguez days.