Key Matchups

Arizona – Brent Robinson, Sr – 99 – Growing into his as a QB, but wildly inconsistent.
USC – Anthony Gaines (bl), Jr – 88 – From Utah, knows Clarence Howard – 84 speed, 91 Throw Power, he’s got strength and speed. Barrett Dixon esque.
Advantage: Even

Arizona – Alan Barron and Steve Gilmore – might be the most talented pair of RBs in the nation. If Robinson can get a decent passing game they will both have a great game.
USC – Will Hackett, Jr (86) and Barrett Smith, So (85) – Talented and fast. Could be trouble, but mostly will be eclipsed by Gaines
Advantage: Arizona

Arizona – Bong Bong Fulton, Ryan Parrish, Darrell Ross – Young, inconsistent except for Parrish
USC – Chris Carter (89), Nic Pope (88), Bobby Gardner (84) – a fast dangerous group of WRs
Advantage: USC

Arizona – All over 92
USC – all over 90
Advantage Arizona

Arizona – young led by Nick Robinson and Ben Bray
USC – all over 90, very talented
Advantage: USC
USC’s Carlos Davis from Richmond, CA said that Alan Barron was not a very good running back and that Arizona was ‘overrated.’
Arizona – Jay Gibson – awesome
USC – Cory Perkins from Westmon, CA – Jay Gibson has publicly called him a “bitch” and said that he couldn’t “kick his way out of a paper bag, even if the bag already had holes in it, and was a really thin bag and kind of charred from a fire. He’s that much of a bitch.” Perkins replied by saying “White Center is gross.” Gibson shot back with “he getting stabbed. PERIOD. Quote me on that. I’m shopping for knives now.”