jacksontdusc.jpgTucson, AZ – With all the distractions of the past week, many thought the Arizona Wildcats had been given up for dead.  With #1 USC coming into town, it looked like a year for the wildcats to just lay back and hand the Pac Ten to their LA rivals.  But, they play the games for a reason.  And today, Arizona showed that they are not dead.  They were just sleeping against FSU.

The game began with an injury to USC’s Star WR Chris Carter – it just got worse from there.  Ryan Parrish and Andy Jackson both caught quick touchdown passes to give Arizona a 14-0 lead.

“Usually when Casey was the QB we had worries against USC,” said Parrish of the Wildcats former QB.  “I mean Lindsay would come to games, or he would be hungover, but you take that away, and you take USC’s advantage away.  Brent ain’t hollywood, he’s trill.”

The rest of the game just watched the Arizona defense step it up and completely shut down the Trojans.  Amazing work from the secondary, strong pressure from the D-line and incredible play from the linebacking core solidified the Wildcats as the best in the west.

“We are starting to play as a unit,” said Wildcat linebacker Ben Bray who had six tackles, 2 TFLs, and an INT.  “Literally, no one can stop us now.  We are taking the Pac Ten and we are going to show you how the Desert Swarm plays when it’s backed into a corner.”

The Arizona defense held the Trojans to 89 total yards of offense.  To give you an idea, Alan Barron rushed for 20 more yards than their team gained…total.

The one highlight for USC came in the 4th quarter when they rocked Alan Barron harder than he’d ever been hit before (pictured). The hit knocked the ball loose and took his helmet off.barronrockedusc2018.jpg

“They got me,” said Barron after the game.  “Damn did they get me.  But I’m up, I’m good I’m still standing.”

11/17, 239 yards, 3 TDs, 2 INT

Barron 20/109, 1 TD
Gilmore 6/81, 1 TD

Rec Parrish 3/121, 1 TD

Fitzhugh – 6 tackls, 3 TFL, 1 Sack
Ben BRay 6, 2 TFL, 1 INT
Robinson – 2 Sacks