Tucson, AZ – Unable to finish his final season due to personal reasons.  Athletic Director Lander of the Arizona Wildcats has stepped down.

The Wildcats WON the Pac Ten, winning out the rest of the season.  They are playing Ohio State in the Rose Bowl dubbed the “Divorce Maker”


Jay Gibson won the Groza

Jay Gibson was a 1st Team All American

Andy Jackson was a 2nd Team All American

All Pac Ten

1st Team

Brent Robinson, QB

Alan Barron, HB

Andy Jackson, WR

Ryan Parrish, WR

Jeremy McCutcheon, C

Martin Overstreet, G

Cedric Lacey, T

Matt Fitzhugh, DE

Peter Brink, OLB

Antonio Ingram, FS

Steve Wynn, SS

Jay Gibson, K


Aaron Thompson, TE

James Wilson, G

Travis Sledge, T

Neil Hill, G

Nick Robinson, DE