So after a long hiatus from this site.  Riverdale Palm Trees is back in full effect and will now be following my NBA 2k9 dynasty.

But before I start with the constant updates it’s important to fill you in on what has happened so far.

  • I took over the Raptors for the 2008-2009 season.  My early moves were to trade Chris Bosh and Jamario Moon to the Lakers for Pau Gasol and Sasha Vujajic
  • I eventually guided the Raptors to 4 straight NBA Titles through the draft, having selected players like Turkish All Star Hakan Mansiz, Ernesto Oliverio, and Pavao Radja (more on him later)
  • Andrea Bargnani has grown into the best player in the NBA, he has 2 MVP awards and 4 NBA Finals MVP awards.
  • Kobe Bryant now plays for the Phoenix Suns.

Here are some highlights of Hakan Mansiz: