First Pick (Traded a #11 and a #18)
Hakan Buruk (#6)
Drafted #5 Overall (2016)
237 lbs
Age: 22
83 Overall

Hakan Buruk grew up loving Hakan Mansiz and tried to style his game after him.  He is also 6’7″, he is happy to be on the Raptors as the large Turkish Population in Toronto has welcomed him with open arms.  When the Raptors drafted him they all took to the streets and honked horns and waved Turkish Flags, many Toronto residents remarked “what? is there another soccer game on? gross.”

Drafted 27th Overall by the Wizards (Traded Texas Tech Guard for him)
243 lbs
Age: 20
From Croatia
70 OVR

The brother of Raptor Traitor Pavao Radja, he is still pretty rough around the edges.  His rebounding needs work and his inside scoring could definitely improve.  He is not as good as his brother yet, but he does have one thing his brother doesn’t have: a positive outlook on Toronto.  His brother was expecting to love the city as soon as he caught, but a complete failure of the Toronto Croatian Population (notably Ennis Blentic) failed to reach out him and make him feel welcome.  Well, they aren’t going to make the same mistake twice.  Bruno has been welcomed with open arms and a number of late night coffee talks about politics at Cafe Diplomatico.

Though is a blood relative of Pavao, he considers him to be an enemy.  They were raised by different mothers in Croatia, but they do share a single father: Dino Radja.  That’s right, the former NBA Star fathered two children in Croatia during the offseason from the Boston Celtics.  He would make the brothers play a one on one game every summer to see which one was awarded child support (note: the Croatian legal system is different than the US).  Pavao won all the games, so Bruno grew up in relative poverty.