Indianapolis, IN – Andrea Bargnani went bananas against the pacers, dropping 70! SEVENTY POINTS.  The Raptors scored 94 total and Bargnani scored 70 of them!

His line:
70 Pts (30-36 FG, 4/4 FT, 6/7 3 PT)
5 Rebounds
1 Steal
1 Assist

Hilariously many Raptors had career highs in assists, Calderon dropped 12, Mansiz had 7, Oliverio had 7, and Buruk had 5.

For the Pacers Leandro Alvarado had 16 pts, this is only notable because he is from Puerto Rico.

“Bargnani! So crazy,” said Alvarado after the game. “He remind me of Daddy Yankee! PUERTO RIIIICO!”

All the Raptors agree that he is the coolest player in the NBA.