I ride a bicycle in Los Angeles and keep one of the best NCAA blogs on the internet.


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  1. Kevin Hardcastle Says:

    hi, sorry to bug you seeing as we dont know each other. but I was googling my good friends Myles Valentin, who I havent spoke to in a while cause his is a damn flake, and I kept seeing his name mentioned on your site. the number I had for his cell is kaput, and his old email he used in Uni is down too, so I was wondering if you couldn’t pass along his email, or at least tell him I hate him and give him my email. That is if you are in contact with him often.

    Anyway, I am also a Tdot vet and went to school at U of T with Myles. I am out is Edmonton now, oh dear, and miss Toronto and the best basketball team of all time, the Raps. So yeah, if you would be kind enough to pass this message along to that little dirt I would appreciate it. And tell him I said U of T Parkings Services for life!

    Kevin Hardcastle

  2. I’ve just found Stuff White People Like and won’t stop reading until I’ve finished the whole list. It’s so funny, and your contributions (or at least, the ones that list clander as the contributor that then track back to this blog here) are 100% dead on.
    I finally broke down to write at the Arrested Development one…too perfect.
    Anyway, keep writing!

  3. Sara Says:

    I also followed this link from the stuffwhitepeoplelike site. I am glad I found your site, so I now know what to like as a white person. When will fantasy football leagues make your list? Just curious.

  4. Marianne Says:

    I’ve checked out that other website of yours as well, and I thought I’d tell you that the difficult break-up crap you wrote is utter sanctimonious bullshit, written to bash all those über-sensitive inferior people who will not suffer in silence. Then I came here, realized you write shitloads about sports, and I figured, why bother ranting too long? You’re a guy. No wonder you have no idea what it’s like to have your dreams shattered by someone you love. You’re above all that emotional tripe.

  5. Jay Says:

    this mssg is for clander.

    brilliant writing on the stuff white people like blog.

    how may one go about submitting an original piece on the stuff white people like site?

    another thing white people like: writing contributing pieces for blogs that they enjoy

  6. Ariah Fine Says:

    Hey, Very creative other site (Stuff White People Love)
    Any chance you’d be interested in being interviewed for the blog http://www.racialicious.com/ ?

  7. Hardcastle Says:

    oi. stuff white people like makes me one inch closer to declaring all out class war every day. and in honour of this blog i have been drinking cans of bud and eating the remains of the food in my house on the last of my funds for the month and listening to the dropkick murphys and walking around the neighborhood ripping down pc signs in a drunken rage. all of which make my heart sing with glee.

    otherwise, keep the dream alive. if you ever see myles tell him to shut up and that he has anderson silva’s head and must return it before march 1. that prick tells me i was a vague inspiration for your site and if he is not a lying bastard as usual then i take that as the best compliment ever and the more i read it i realize is like you took rage in 100% moonshine form from my brain by some magical psychotelekinetic process and made it into intelligent and articulate cultural lambasting attacks the likes of which i could never type out before punching through my screen and the wall behind into the next room.

    and of course, of all the conspiracy theories and mega-analysis bullshit people have regarding your site they forget who hates rich white people the most. poor fuckin white people. who, if they are not understood by the rest of the populace as living in a trailer in alabamy, go under the radar much as a young man in a northeast or northwest liberal arts college would in jeans and a t-shirt of his favorite sports team and a 15-20 dollar haircut.

    myles sucks so bad. but yes, you jerk bastards are kings amongst men and should continue this righteous path and perhaps, just maybe, throw a furious spin kick at the next whitey you see with tight jeans, designer $340 aviators, a fat baby in a phat baby carriage ($980) and wearing a tattered beaver lumber t-shirt and artfully disheveled hair.

    fuck them. fuck them so much.



  8. Hardcastle Says:

    oh shit. i forgot. did you see this:




  9. Lisa Says:

    Clander-I have to meet you. I live in greater la. I’ve been reading stuff white people like and I have so many questions for you..like why did you start this blog?

  10. George Says:

    Your white people site strikes me as a bit racist. Sure it’s sometimes funny, but I think it’s missing the point.

  11. elizabethjote Says:

    I want to talk to you about possibly doing a book. Here’s my blog
    http://elizabethjote.wordpress.com/ my email is on the about me page.

  12. whit Says:

    Did you go to U of A? I just noticed your blogroll and I’m a Wildcat living in L.A. myself.

    Great stuff.

  13. me Says:

    what about blogs? and commenting anonymously on blogs?? and lists?

  14. Jennifer Says:

    Why are you riding a bicycle in Los Angeles? Just curious… people of color don’t do that. especially in LA. just something to think about.

  15. La Gringa Says:

    Hi Christian –

    Sorry to bother you here but I’ve been trying to get in touch with you to discuss your other blog, Stuff White People Like. I’m interested in working with you to turn it into a book. If you don’t already have representation, please shoot me an email. I’d love to talk to you.

    All the best,

    Colleen Lindsay

  16. Jennefer Says:

    What’s the GTA connection?

  17. Jennefer Says:

    Ah. Read the Why I Dislike Vancouver post. Now I know.

  18. Amanda Berry Says:

    Hey Christian and Jess!

    I was sent a link to stuff white people like, and was shocked when I recognized Christian’s picture! It is really strange how stuff gets around on the Internet. Drop me a line when you get the chance and let me know what’s going on.

  19. Amanda Berry Says:

    wooops, my email address is amandalberry@gmail.com.

  20. Kadi Says:

    I thought I was the only black person who knew this kind of stuff…..until I found out you were white. Did you know this was like essential superior black person knowledge? LOL, jk….but actually I use this knowledge actively! That’s(!!!) how ridiculous some white people are. U however rock!

  21. Ben West Says:


    I’m the creative director for a TV company here in Washington DC. My Indian-Phillipina, friend who works at a non profit and I were eating sushi and she was telling me about how she cringes at the American Apparel ads on Pitchfork, (things referenced:5) at which point I went off on Dov Charney and how people are stupid. She go a funny look and said, have you heard of “stuffwhitepeoplelike”? I think you would like it.

    Today my boss brought it up. we are now both laughing across the office, since we keep talking about travel, food, indie rock and the wire.

    We create programming that runs on venue-mounted screens in bars around washington, and we would love to use some of your stuff.

    Drop me a line?


    Ben West
    Creative Director
    Panic Television



  22. Casey Says:

    Stuff white people like: jumping on the bandwagon (and publishing your book/blog/tv show).

    Great writing. Hilarious, and makes you think. My favorite: multilingual children.

  23. Jonathan Says:

    Suggestion for Stuff White People Like:

    Insurance and College/University Gear

    White people love insurance. It gives them a sense of hope and comfort that should they become sick, THEY will be taken care of.

    As for the college gear… I keep seeing a lot of white people proudly displaying their joy by plastering their car/selves with stickers, shirts, hats, mugs, key chains, etc. announcing to the world they went to . It’s quite funny. I’ve even seen white people put “Harvard” or “Yale” stickers on their car when in fact they went to community college.

    Anyways keep up the good work!

  24. Vic Says:

    You forgot a major white people favorite – Apple products. They’re the opitamy of trendiness and you can’t throw a rock in any of the favorite white people locales (SF, NYC) without hitting a white person with a Macbook and/or iPod and/or iPhone.

    Love the blog – very funny and observant.

  25. Amy Says:

    For the Stuff White People Like: The big one is “Wine Tasting” – You have wine on there, but that’s not “Wine Tasting” – if one more person invites me to go wine tasting or tells me they went wine tasting over the weekend – I’ll vomit.
    Oh, and White People like BRAVO; Project Runway, Top Chef, and they can watch it with their “gay friends”.
    Love the blog.

  26. Olivier Says:


    Love your blog. Simply outstanding!
    I’m from France but I can totally relate to it!

    Christian, I’m coming to LA in a couple weeks. Just spent a month there last month and struggled to find really fun/laid back people.
    Anyway, I’d love to meet you and hang out. I will have time and no friends!

    More about me on my video blog (very popular with white people): http://www.winerendezvous.com!

    Let me know,


  27. Hardcastle Says:

    lander. good work on the book deal. you guys are heros. is dirty myles in on that, or is he just gonna be your muscle when you have signings? ha. yeah, its a joke. myles is a sally.

    otherwise, i am glad it all worked out for you guys and i just wanted you to know that i am green with jealous rage as my book will make perhaps $1.50 and yours will make a boatload.

    you jerks.


  28. C Says:

    I would just like to say that I loved stuff white people like it’s so true thus in turn making it that much more funny to read. In reading I was surprised to find that wearing flip flops or birkenstocks as though they are year round shoes was not on the list, that goes hand in hands with shorts if you ask me.

    Anywho thanks for the laugh!

  29. Maura "Spike" NíConnell Says:

    What a scream your “Stuff White People Like” is! I could swear you’re talking about Seattle, WA where I lived from 1990-2001. I have only one teensy complaint, though. You need to proofread your stuff more. You tend to leave out little words like “and”, “to”, “the”, etc. Want a proofreader? I would proofread your blog for free as I really enjoy proofreading. Let me know.

    Keep up the great work on the blog. You are so on the money about so many things. I think you ought to add this: White people love to wear political t-shirts, especially of “oppressed” “freedom fighters” such as Ernesto “Che” Guevara and any Irish Republican Army figure such as Gerry Adams.

    Just a thought.

  30. gerry Says:

    You are all insane…..ADHD is running amok in here

  31. jesboogie Says:

    Clander: I need your help! I am a brown skinned dude who has just been invited to a “running of the roses” party!? WTF I am completely unprepared to go to this, I need insight on what the white people talk about at this kind of event. Help me please Jesse D

  32. andrea Says:

    haha, i knew stuff white people like HAD to have an SMU connection.

    Spent nine years of my life there (four as a student, five as staff) Strangely identified with quite a bit of it. Not so strange anymore.

    Enjoy… 😛 and best of luck in that place.

  33. Mike Says:

    White people like… guitars

    Everyone likes guitars, but white people have some sort of symbiotic relationship with them.

    I don’t get it.

  34. Annoyed Says:

    You are an idiot and all of you people that like this crap are idiots. Stuff white people like seems very racist to me and most of it is rediculous! Get a life.

  35. Mike Says:

    White people love… Che Guevara.

    Che Guevara, Communist revolutionary who became the capitalist world’s best T-shirt seller.

    The worldwide leader of ‘Communist chic’.

    White people love John F. Kennedy and Che Guevara. Which is weird because Kennedy tried (unsuccessfully) to eliminate communism in Cuba.

  36. former sun devil Says:

    bumper stickers
    better photo

  37. former sun devil Says:

    i agree about guitars

    sunset pictures
    going to nba games
    flat screen tvs

  38. Dave R Says:

    Hilarious photo on Flickr:

    Photo caption:

  39. Leigh Says:

    Consider the topics:

    1) Hating smoking/ cigarettes

    2) Loving dogs/ animals

  40. White Says:

    You are an idiot, you only get away with this because you are NOT white. You are just as low as a slave driver. I am not sure if you are familiar with the phrase: “It’s not funny if the other person is not laughing!”

  41. Hardcastle Says:

    myles is a bunghole and sucks at betting on the ponies. if i were you i would wedgie the shit out of him next time you see him. word.

    jermaine and bosh are gonna crush everyone while bargnani rains three’s and calderon hits mach 10 and tears a two-foot deep trough in the acc hardwood as he relentlessly takes it to the rack. believe it.

    so long. your beard is a tremendous hobbitlike growth. go raps go. charles st represent!

  42. mat Says:

    I do a comedy podcast, and i would like to interview you on our show. I recently found a copy of your book in a kalispell, montana borders, and it is very amusing. It kind of made me wanna write a book like this about what black people like, from a white point of view, but who knows. So yea, if you wanna be on the show, check it out and get back to me.

  43. Dora Says:

    You ride a bike in LA?


    I don’t get it…

  44. locke Says:

    you might want to check this out:

  45. Ruth Says:

    Clander, I am white and plead guilty on 35 counts, especially hummus, grammar, marijuana, not having a TV, and gifted children. I’m writing as I think you should bear in mind how much white people love giving their children wooden toys. Wooden toys cost more than their plastic counterparts and are far less realistic, but are, paradoxically, infinitely more authentic, besides being made in Germany rather than in Chinese sweatshops. Obviously the best wooden toys are inherited/ found in thrift stores/ brought back from backpacking in Rwanda, but even one purchased full-price would make an ideal gift for a white person’s child.

  46. Greg Says:

    I almost didn’t buy your book because in the first sentence on your back cover, you mistakenly refer to FREE trade coffee instead of FAIR trade coffee. What kind of capitalist starbucks-loving oppressive imperialist makes that mistake? You, sir, are the wrong kind of white person.

  47. zweihander Says:

    thank you mr. lander.. thank you for this. it ALL makes so much more sense now.

  48. Nadine Monem Says:

    Hello “Clander”,

    My name is Nadine Monem. I am editor-in-chief of a new bi-annual journal coming out of London called The Butcher’s Apron. I would like to solicit a submission from you for our inaugural edition. The website is a load of shit and will be replaced shortly, but it contains a lot of the information you will need to understand what it is we are trying to do. If you think this is something you would be interested in, let me know and I will send you a more directed brief.

    Good work,


  49. Mort Says:

    white people in the news. girltalk, vice, asian girls, etc.


  50. Kicking off 2010’s mma events is the brilliant UFC 108. It’s bound going to be a great event with the main match being Evans vs Silva going head to head. You can watch ufc 108 online for FREE in full HD without paying that grotty $55.95 PPV cost.

  51. apocalypsecakes Says:

    You kind of inspired this:

  52. Stefan Says:

    As an elite, self-loathing white person (went to the University of Kings College), I enjoy your other blog most heartily. In reading through it, I noticed you are all over the FPR Jugoslavia. Zizek, Podgorica and Serbian cinema hits 3/5 (or six or whatever) former republics. However, Lander does not strike me as a particularly Slavic name, and I hope this is the case for I fear that were it otherwise I would be at risk of offending you.

    I myself am a half-Serb who has only lived in areas of Canada with a negligible Slavic population. This is okay because meeting too many other Serbs would offend several of my sensibilities; namely those in enacted to preserve the ideal of my existence as a unique individual whose mixed ancestry prevents other, less diverse, white persons from truly being able to empathize with my torturous journey through adolescence. Occasionally, however, I will encounter an FPRJ’er NOT of Serbian ancestry. It is with regards to the tact necessary to handle these encounters that I find myself regrettably lacking. This, of course, leads me to the crux of my rather lengthy inquiry: Do I still have to pretend to be ‘Canadian’ (Anglo Irish Scottish mutt I think?) or is it cool to let them know my dad is from Serbia? If the latter, am I expected to apologize or otherwise express guilt? Does this vary from city to city across North America?

    Your apparent familiarity with the FPRJ – does it come from friends? I hope this is the case, because if you could please, please ask them on my behalf I’d be eternally in your debt.

  53. Hi Christian,

    Wasn’t sure how best to contact you but here goes. I’m a big fan of Stuff White People Like (I’m from Connecticut) and though I’m only an amateur blogger, I have an idea for how you could expand into a sister site for Stuff White People Like involving travel. Let me know if you’d like to hear more.


  54. Joseph Wood Says:

    You forgot something that all white people like…Heck, I would say love:

    Getting their hair breaded in Mexico.

    Sure, it is typically limited to the white gal, as the men do not always have long hair. How many times have you ever known a white gal who has gone to Mexico without getting their hair braided?

  55. Dave Says:

    Love your “Stuff White People Like” blog! Fantastic! Got one quick suggestion for your list:

    Ski Houses and skiing in general. Living in SF, its an annual winter ritual of white people getting their ski house in Tahoe……..

  56. Jules Anderson Says:


    You are the textbook definition of a racist white american. And the sad thing is that you may not even realize it. 99% of all White Americans are racist. It is called institutionalized racism. You’ve probably never heard of it. White people couldn’t see racism if it hit them in the side of the head. So don’t feel guilty or anything. Just keep profiting and writing more racist books for all the racist white americans out there.

  57. Jules Anderson Says:

    The white man’s struggle is a superficial one. He doesn’t need to fight racism or poverty or anything any other minorities in america do. So he just makes lists of things he likes for his own amusement at the expense of other minorities. Your blog is clearly racist. White people can’t see racism because they’ve never experienced it but every other minority in america can see how much of a racist you and everyone who reads it is. You are exposing the true racism in america today.

  58. Jules Anderson Says:

    The white man’s struggle is a superficial one. He doesn’t need to fight racism or poverty or anything any other minorities in america do. So he just makes lists of things he likes for his own amusement at the expense of other minorities. Your blog is clearly racist. White people can’t see racism because they’ve never experienced it but every other minority in america can see how much of a racist you and everyone who reads it is. You are exposing the true racism in america today.

  59. Mondo Says:

    Does anyone know how to contact Lander? I have a a lot of ideas for SWPL that I think he might enjoy.


  60. Blah Says:

    What do you look like

  61. Matt Says:

    Hey there mr CLander. I am curious if your blog needs an update or to be served from a more powerful server, it is extremely slow. Let me know! info@maxwebsitedesign.com Matt Bean

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