Preseason Rank #11


  1.   Buffalo
  2.   #14 FSU
  3.   Open
  4.   at #24 Alabama (SVSW)
  5.   #2 USC
  6.   Washington
  7.   at UCLA
  8.   at Stanford
  9.   Oregon State
  10.   Open
  11.   at WSU
  12.   #23 Cal
  13.   at Oregon
  14.   #15 ASU

The Arizona Wildcats will be carried by their defense this year, and for many that is like saying Los Angeles will be carried by Public Transit. But the ‘Cats defense this year is pure talent, with Defensive Co-Captains Patrick Rodriguez and Kevin Bonds look to take the Wildcats to another Pac Ten title.dlinepreview2015.jpg


Senior DT Deonne Heard is finally ready to be a star, his gigantic frame has only been matched by his status as a gigantic disappointment. This is last chance, and he’s hungry, so hungry that he’s been banned from the all-you-can eat buffets at local Tucson strip clubs. JR Paul Fontaine is ready to finally be a star, and many are watching closely how true freshman Nick Robinson will perform. But coming in at 84 OVR as a true freshman is an amazing feat and some are thinking he could be a 99 OVR by the time he’s a sophmore.


Bonds and Rodriguez – truthfully you could plug in a retired WNBA pointguard and a janitor at the other two spots and they would still be the best set of LBs in the Pac Ten. There is no doubt that both are making their case for the NFL this season, and hopefully will shut down the running games of Alabama and Ohio State in the brutal non-conference schedule.


The most experienced part of the Arizona Wildcats this year will be at DB. With three seniors and one junior, Howard Coleman, who was an All American as a Freshman. This unit will completely shut down the Pac Ten passing offenses and give the offense great field position.preseasondbcoleman2015.jpg


Very weak – but who cares?