Raptors looked good.  Here is Hakan Mansiz schooling 21 year veteran Kobe Bryant (he was fouled on this play)

Meet Hakan Mansiz
235 lbs
From Turkey
#1 SG in the NBA
#3 Overall Player
4 Time NBA Champion
All Star 2016
2nd Team All Defensive 2013, 2015, 2016
2nd Team All Rookie 2011
The Raptors were not expecting to draft Mansiz in 20XX, but after a 1 on 1 session with Tracy McGrady, they were sold.  In the fifteen minutes, he dunked 6 times, blocked T-mac and basically disrespected in every possible way.  McGrady, matured from his first stint in Toronto, took it in stride and made a strong recommendation that the Raptors draft him.

Hakan Mansiz was born and raised in the small Turkish city of Ankara.  Growing up his parents always dreamed about him playing for Türk Telekom in the Turkish Basketball League. But after attending his first game he remarked “these are NBA and college washouts! I can beat these guys.”  That was when former UConn star and Turk Telecom legend Khalid El Amin heard him.  “Come down here and play then,” said El Amin.  Mansiz did not flinch, and even though he was only 14 years old he stepped on the court and played in jean shorts and a mesh tanktop.  He scored 14 pts, 5 assists, and 2 rebounds.  El Amin had to give him respect.

Mansiz immediately dropped out of high school and played basketball full time.  Neither of his parents put up resistance, his father even said: “why should he go to high school? to learn to be a cell phone salesman? Fuck that, and fuck Turk Telecom, where our trophy?”

Once Mansiz was drafted by the Raptors he immediately blew up, making the All Rookie team and eventually All NBA First Team Defense.

He is currently rated as the #3 player in the league, though many think that will change this year as he takes a bigger role in the Raptors offense.