Tucson, AZ – Arizona’s graduating seniors were honored with a special dinner at Mi Nidito’s in Tucson. Howard Coleman, leaving early for the NFL, was also invited. Jaraki Davis who is transferring to Colorado State University was not invited and Patrick Rodriguez played a video of him and Kevin Bonds pranking him in the dorm by leaning a garbage can full of water against his door then having a girl he liked knock on the door and say she wanted to talk. He then opened the door and water covered all of his stuff. He listed this as his prime reason for transferring. There were rumors swirling that Redwood Haynes as very close to declaring for the NFL as a redshirt sophmore, but Coach Stoops sat him down and had a conference call with Maurice Clarett from Jail. After that phonecall, Redwood said he was coming back to finish his degree.

Graduating Seniors
Derrick Johnson, SS
Rob Rush, CB
PJ Osei, LT
Andrew Schlicher, HB
Bryson Horton, CB
Devin Hurst
, CB
Kevin Bonds, MLB
Patrick Rodriguez, OLB
Mark McCray, FS
Ben Miles, RT
Deonne Heard, DT

Howard Coleman, SS

Jakari Davis, CB (To Colorado State University)