Jon Floyd – Returner of the YEAR
Jay Gibson– GROZA!

1st Team All Americans

Billy HALL FROM PSU is 1st TEAM AA!!!
Jon Floyd, Ret

2nd Team All American

Ryan Parrish, WR
Kyle Jones, DT (no nick robinson!)
Jay Gibson, K

All Pac Ten 1st Team

Ryan Parrish, WR
Marcus Roberts, G
Nick Robinson, DE
Kyle Jones, DT
Jay Gibson, K

2nd Team
Neal Hill, G
Cedric Lacey, T
Matt Fitzhugh, DE
Jon Floyd, CB
Andy Jackson, RET


Sometimes in life you look for that watershed moment, when things change forever.  I think that moment may have happened, it’s probably for the best because we have just reached a new level of awesomeness.

While the committee still waits on nominations from UCLA for the Schiavone and Boreale Awards, the Gordo’s and Faith Fund Awards have been handed out.

Gordo’s Mexiceteria Justin Castillo Scholarship for Excellence in Latino Athletics – Awarded to the top Latino player on either team.


1. Patrick Rodriguez
2. Lawrence Garcia
3. Jack Sanchez

The Mike Boreale F*cking Genius Grant – Awarded to the best player of Italian descent.

1. John Castorani (Last year’s winner)

The Anthony Muir Schiavone Scholarship – Awarded to the player least deserving of a position on the team.

1. Andy Banks
2. Marcus Adams

Justin Abdullah Faith Fund – Awarded to a player of non-chrisitan faith who has displayed virtues of excellence both on and off the field in the name of some god other than the big JC

1. Andrew Schilcher
2. Jon Floyd


Tucson, AZ – A number of Wildcats were handed awards last night, and one was retracted.

Dane Wright – Davey O’Brien winner as the Best College QB (Arizona’s First)
Jason Weaver – Reciever of the Year
Jason Weaver – Maxwell Award for Outstanding Player (Arizona’s First)
Michael Rushing – Groza Award Winner – rejected for poor performance.

All Americans
1st Team
QB – Dane Wright
WR – Jason Weaver
K – Michael Rushing

2nd Team
FS – John Castorani
SS – Howard Coleman (FRESHMAN!)

All Pac Ten
1st Team
QB – Dane Wright
WR – Jason Weaver
G – Mark Jean
G – Brandon Cox
DT – Drew Green
FS – John Castorani
K – Michael Rushing
Return – Kevin Hurst

2nd Team
FB – Eric Washington
C – Larry Vinson (Freshman)
CB – Keron Davis
SS – Howard Coleman

Freshman All American
SS – Howard Coleman