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Los Angeles, CA – Sometimes you realize that a tide has turned in your life. For some it’s turning 30, for others it’s hitting rock bottom. For me, it happend today when I realized something very important.

Today is Superbowl Sunday, a huge day in sports, and for a time in my life, the biggest sports day of the year not involving a Toronto team. But if someone were to ask me what the biggest news of the day was, I would not say the Superbowl. Even though I lived in Indiana, even though I caught Colts fever, even though Lil’ Ronnie represents so hard it hurts. No, it’s not the most important news of the day. The biggest news today, by far, has been the return of Seth Sanchez to the Alabama Crimson Tide.

And there it is. My life of sports priorities is now as follows:

#1 The Treble Dynasties
#2 College Football
#3 The NFL

Los Angeles, CA – The PR Department of The Treble has released their 2007 Marketing Strategy which can be viewed here.


So today was a workshop on SEC Football and ‘Bama style Defense and recruiting.

I learned a lot and made a lot of observations, here they are:

  • Alabama has a lot of high jumpers in 2013
  • They run the south for recruiting
  • Seth Sanchez is very talented, but not consistent
  • The same is true of Chris Richard
  • Alabama has a very good defense
  • Terrence Graves has the type of senior leadership that will bring Alabama an SEC title – he has heart, amazing legs, and just enough arm strength to get the job done. But it might not be enough for a national title. But you never know.
  • Marcus Minor will be a star, think Dane Wright but younger and with a better attitude, he’s like a robot.
  • Houston = Overrated
  • My only reason for wanting an XBox 360 – NCAA 2008, so it will look good on my LCD monitor, since it was made for that resolution.
  • Publish I cannot wait to get home and play the follow up game to Colorado.

Today I am heading over to Stolen Bike Dynasty to watch his game against #8 Houston. I will be offering advice, running a few practices and getting to better know the team. We will probably look through the wiki, talk about formations, recruiting pipelines, how to do deal with difficult players, coaching job offers, etc. But make no mistake, this is a big conference, and it would be bigger than Yalta (pictured) if Boreale Foreale was here, but he’s in Tucson, he’ll be there in spirit. This is a big time day for big time coaches.