washingtonupset.jpgTUCSON, AZ – Washington beat Arizona. For many, it’s not a surprise as there is pretty much a universal acceptane that Washington has an unfair advantage in this game.

Their unfair advantage? Ryan Campanella – the guy ran for 245 yards and 3 TDs, he was unstoppable. Although Rick Spicer (pictured) played his heart out.
Arizona dropped from #1 to #11 and #13 in the Coaches and Media Polls. BALONEY!


I’m gonna be late to work for this but….





Penalties and Special Teams are the same as the old sliders.


Now that I bike to and from work, I will get home earlier which should give me more time for the dynasty and such. Watch for the update on the Indiana Game…

USC Trojans are coming up, if the game is amazing, or a loss, I might chop it up into 4 parts and put the whole thing on YouTube and contribute to their crippling bandwidth charges and further send them into the red.

(p.s. Sliders was a good show, for real)