May 2007

jacksontdusc.jpgTucson, AZ – With all the distractions of the past week, many thought the Arizona Wildcats had been given up for dead.  With #1 USC coming into town, it looked like a year for the wildcats to just lay back and hand the Pac Ten to their LA rivals.  But, they play the games for a reason.  And today, Arizona showed that they are not dead.  They were just sleeping against FSU.

The game began with an injury to USC’s Star WR Chris Carter – it just got worse from there.  Ryan Parrish and Andy Jackson both caught quick touchdown passes to give Arizona a 14-0 lead.

“Usually when Casey was the QB we had worries against USC,” said Parrish of the Wildcats former QB.  “I mean Lindsay would come to games, or he would be hungover, but you take that away, and you take USC’s advantage away.  Brent ain’t hollywood, he’s trill.”

The rest of the game just watched the Arizona defense step it up and completely shut down the Trojans.  Amazing work from the secondary, strong pressure from the D-line and incredible play from the linebacking core solidified the Wildcats as the best in the west.

“We are starting to play as a unit,” said Wildcat linebacker Ben Bray who had six tackles, 2 TFLs, and an INT.  “Literally, no one can stop us now.  We are taking the Pac Ten and we are going to show you how the Desert Swarm plays when it’s backed into a corner.”

The Arizona defense held the Trojans to 89 total yards of offense.  To give you an idea, Alan Barron rushed for 20 more yards than their team gained…total.

The one highlight for USC came in the 4th quarter when they rocked Alan Barron harder than he’d ever been hit before (pictured). The hit knocked the ball loose and took his helmet off.barronrockedusc2018.jpg

“They got me,” said Barron after the game.  “Damn did they get me.  But I’m up, I’m good I’m still standing.”

11/17, 239 yards, 3 TDs, 2 INT

Barron 20/109, 1 TD
Gilmore 6/81, 1 TD

Rec Parrish 3/121, 1 TD

Fitzhugh – 6 tackls, 3 TFL, 1 Sack
Ben BRay 6, 2 TFL, 1 INT
Robinson – 2 Sacks


My apologies to my 3 readers.  I have been insanely busy lately and have not played #2 USC.  I have some things to take care of tonight and hopefully will play the Trojans on Tuesday.  Again, I’m sorry.cookucla2016.jpg

Key Matchups

Arizona – Brent Robinson, Sr – 99 – Growing into his as a QB, but wildly inconsistent.
USC – Anthony Gaines (bl), Jr – 88 – From Utah, knows Clarence Howard – 84 speed, 91 Throw Power, he’s got strength and speed. Barrett Dixon esque.
Advantage: Even

Arizona – Alan Barron and Steve Gilmore – might be the most talented pair of RBs in the nation. If Robinson can get a decent passing game they will both have a great game.
USC – Will Hackett, Jr (86) and Barrett Smith, So (85) – Talented and fast. Could be trouble, but mostly will be eclipsed by Gaines
Advantage: Arizona

Arizona – Bong Bong Fulton, Ryan Parrish, Darrell Ross – Young, inconsistent except for Parrish
USC – Chris Carter (89), Nic Pope (88), Bobby Gardner (84) – a fast dangerous group of WRs
Advantage: USC

Arizona – All over 92
USC – all over 90
Advantage Arizona

Arizona – young led by Nick Robinson and Ben Bray
USC – all over 90, very talented
Advantage: USC
USC’s Carlos Davis from Richmond, CA said that Alan Barron was not a very good running back and that Arizona was ‘overrated.’
Arizona – Jay Gibson – awesome
USC – Cory Perkins from Westmon, CA – Jay Gibson has publicly called him a “bitch” and said that he couldn’t “kick his way out of a paper bag, even if the bag already had holes in it, and was a really thin bag and kind of charred from a fire. He’s that much of a bitch.” Perkins replied by saying “White Center is gross.” Gibson shot back with “he getting stabbed. PERIOD. Quote me on that. I’m shopping for knives now.”

I am taking a step back from RPT. It is an amazing blog that has made me a better, well more prolific, no, lets just say a more consistent writer.

But the other day I mentioned Jessica Simpson in an entry about Casey Cook. I literally wrote her name and put up a picture I found through google images. Since that day, my blog has not dropped under 200 hits. Which is nuts since it’s best day ever was 182 before this madness. I have added charts to help you illustrate.blogstats.jpg


I’ve also found that people find my blog through some interesting searches. Note how many searches are for Jessica Simpson – also there was another interesting search item – 9 people?



celebratesvsw2018.jpgTuscaloosa, AL – Sometimes heroes come from the unlikliest of places. Jeff Biggers, a late TE recruit that doesnt’ even have a wiki page, ended being the unlikliest of heroes in SVSW. The game was also a chance for some major redemption for Brent Robinson who found himself benched throughout the game for bad throws.

The game was as tight as a game can be. With the lead going back and forth throughout, and the defense on both sides of the ball looking great. Arizona sophmore sensation Ben Bray came through with another massive game, this time with 9 tackles and four TFLs.

“This is South versus Southwest son!” said Bray after the game. “This is no joke, this game is REAL. We need to bring that egg back to Tucson. It’s our egg.”

The game was tied 10-10 at the half, when Robinson who had throw two bad interceptions was benched for Clarence Howard. Unfortunately the Utah native didn’t do much better as he threw another interception. And was rebenched for Robinson.

The Crimson Tide continued their strong play converting third downs and making passes to their Star WR James Thornton (Relative of Kenny?). Eventually scoring to make the score 17-10 with 2:30 left to go.

Robinson, being extra careful, led the Wildcats down the field for a touchdown with a minute thirty left to tie the game at 17-17.

Then Alabama put together an impressive drive and started to eat up gamewinningpasssvsw2018.jpgthe clock. But strangely, they started using time outs, and stopped the clock. Arizona’s amazing linebackers Ben Bray, Peter Brink, and Reggie Hughes came up big and held the tide to a fieldgoal. Which was kicked with only 30 seconds left on the clock. Arizona was out of time outs.

Brent Robinson took the field knowing he had to pass to win the game. He had one option, throw it long and pray that Ryan Parrish would haul in a miracle.

His prayers were answered, Ryan Parrish pulled in a miracle catch and managed to grab a few extra yards. For the first time in history, I actually used the spike ball play (thank god it’s an instant choice), and spiked the ball setting up a 38 yard fieldgoal by Jay Gibson.

Needless to say he made it.


The game went to overtime, and Alabama elected to play offense first (another bad coaching decision). The Wildcats defense continued it’s amazingly strong play and gave Bama a 3 and out. Meaning that Arizona only needed a fieldgoal to send to double overtime.

They started off running the ball and on the first play Alan Barron who ran for 114 yards on the day hit up a 20 yard scramble to put the ‘Cats within the 5 yard line. But a facemasking call put the Wildcats even closer. At the one. Two hand offs to Tim Christian went nowhere. So facing 3rd and one, Coach Stoops decided to let Robinson pass.

Brent dropped back, looked to his left and saw Jeff Biggers breaking off a SWEET out pattern, his cover man was behind him, and the ball sailed into his hands. Touchdown. Arizona wins 26-23.

fsu2017.jpgTucson, AZ – The Arizona Wildcats are done for the year.  While the ‘Cats have won two national titles with one loss seasons, but something was different about this one.  Specifically, Florida State’s ability to hold onto the ball and just convert 3rd downs at will.

But most disappointing of all was Brent Robinson.  This was his chance to be a leader, to bring about a comeback victory.  But he was flat – too little, too late.

“I can’t believe this,” said Robinson.  “I wanted this to be my year.  We got the best set of recievers since I’ve been here, Alan is amazing, and our Oline is awesome.  And I can’t score.  This is terrible.”

And while it’s admirable that he is taking the blame, it doesn’t change the fact that Arizona lost.

Though this game could have been won a number of times – FSU caught some lucky breaks.  On one play a SURE interception went through Jared Gray’s shoulder (game glitch) and into the a hands of an FSU reciever.  Things got worse when Darrell Ross fumbled a punt at his own 12 that was picked up and brought into the endzone for a score.

I can’t write any more.  This one hurt.  It was not an epic loss like Colorado, it was just a case of Arizona get punched early and waking up too late.

3-0 FSU

Robison picked off
Fitzhugh is going NUTS!

FSU is good
they are convert all 3rtd downsfsu20172.jpg

Game glitch – ball goes THROUGH Jared Grays’ shoulder and FSU scores

they go for 2?

Andy Jackson scores aftera turnover froma sweet pass from Robinson – against a bad corner



Abother long ball control drive

Ross Turnover on ensuing kick

QB is unsackable, 2x he was in the grasp, broke out, passed for a TD
2nd Q

Every ‘sack’ he is always throwing

Long FG

Arizona cannot pass

Jay Gib FG after lots of running

ROBISON GETS FIRST SACK!!! 3rd Quarter!!1 finall

FSU eats clock
26-17 end of 3rd Q


26-26 FSU – FSU has ball wiht 2 minutes left in 4thQ

FSU gets teh 1st down game over – ARizona loses

Arizona loses 26-24

10/18 172, 2 TDs 1 int
Barron 12/67
Fitzbugh, Bray, Hughes all played big.

13:10 FSU
6:50 UA


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